Foundation Strategy Implodes

The entire foundation of Clark Baker’s HIV Innocence Group is that HIV Science is “junk science” and HIV Tests are worthless because “HIV tests do not detect HIV”.  This statement can be found at his site.  Baker even has a separate page called “Winning HIV Criminal Cases” where he goes further into detail about his so called strategy.  Regarding the “useless HIV Tests” Baker writes:

“When someone is charged with being HIV+, the first question is whether they are actually infected with HIV.  It’s not enough for someone to admit they’re HIV+ – no one – not even the so-called experts – have the training or expertise to competently diagnose an HIV infection.  To do so requires HIV tests that are designed to do nothing more than market HIV as a disease.
So if a defendant admits having acquired HIV, it only means that an unknown and unqualified third-party might have used a  test that cannot detect the HIV virus to diagnose a disease that was never proven to cause AIDS.”

This entire foundation crumbles with two cases:

1. Jose Alex Perez

“According to Lucas, investigators obtained a search warrant for a blood sample from Perez. A test for HIV, which causes the chronic, life-threatening condition AIDS, came back negative.  So the criminal exposure to HIV charge against Jose Alex Perez of Oak Ridge is being dismissed, Lucas stated in a news release Monday.”

2. Daniel Hay Lewis

“Sheriff Lamberti called me late [Tuesday] afternoon to advise that tomorrow his office will be requesting the Broward County State Attorney’s Office to drop the charge relating to criminal transmission of HIV.  He confirmed the Mr. Lewis’s HIV-test came back negative.”

HIV related charges were dropped in both cases because both men took HIV tests and they both came back negative!  If the major point of proof for Baker and his HIV Innocence Group is that HIV tests are useless and worthless, then the fact that HIV Charges were dropped as a direct result of a negative HIV test directly refutes the entire strategy foundation of Baker’s organization.

If Baker has lied about these two cases at his website, I have to wonder; Are there more lies to be uncovered?  The answer; Most certainly!  I will be exploring further in future posts.

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