Cordlin Comer Case

Case: Cordlin Comer 
Case Number: 2010-FY-0002103 Grand Rapids , Michigan 
Charge: 2 Counts Aids-Sexual Penetration w/ Uninformed Partner

 The Words Get In The Way (Of The Truth) 
This case is interesting for many reasons.  First it is the only case of the 25 listed at Baker’s HIP/HIG site in which Baker even attempts to provide a morsel of proof that his organization has actually been beneficial to the outcome of a case, much less provided any help at all.   Anyone who has ever read any of Clark Baker’s many blogs (from Ex Liberal In Hollywood, to OMSJ, to CWBPI) or any of his so called “investigative reports” knows that he is extremely pedantic to say the least.  He may be prolific with words, but he is not quite as forthcoming with actual facts.  The cases Baker claim to have been involved with however, is quite a different story.  Not once, until now, has Baker uttered one word or supplied one iota of proof as to how his organization has been involved in any of these cases.

“Sample Affidavit”
For this case, Baker provides a letter from Mr. Comer’s Defense Attorney, Mr. Kerchoff, that alludes to some mysterious “Sample Affidavit” that was “instrumental” in getting this case resolved.  The fact that Baker does not provide the actual “Sample Affidavit” gives me pause.  Hopefully it will be a part of the Court Documents when I get them.  However, from the sound of Mr. Kerchoff’s letter, it would appear as if this “Sample Affidavit” strengthened his case considerably.  Unfortunately, the facts do not bear this out.

Plea Deal Rejected…No, Wait, Accepted
In January, the County Prosecutor offered a plea deal to decrease the charge from two counts to one.  The defense attorney rejected the plea. 
“AssistantKentCountyProsecutor Kevin Bramble said his office was willing to charge Comer with one charge of a person with AIDS having sex with an uninformed party that would have included both victims.  (snip)  Comer’s attorney Jeffrey Kirchhoff said his client was rejecting the offer because they are still awaiting medical records in the case.” 
Three months later, in April, Defendant Comer accepted the exact same deal offered in January.  Not only that, he pleaded guilty.
“Monday – the same day he was slated to go to trial – Comer accepted a plea offer and pleaded guilty to one count.”
It appears that the Medical Records the attorney was waiting for, along with Baker’s mysterious “Sample Affidavit” did not do one bit of good!  The County Prosecutor did not offer a better plea deal than what was offered months before.  And the Prosecutor got a conviction.  If Attorney Kerchoff was hoping the Medical Records could be manipulated as Clark Baker claims is one of his main tools in these cases, that would appear to be a big dud here as in the cases of Jose Alex Perez and Daniel Hay Lewis I have previously discussed at this site.
Interesting Twist
If Attorney Kirchoff was truly happy about the outcome, it would have to be that his client did not receive more jail time.  I doubt he could count a victory in which his client accepted the exact plea deal offered months before and a client that pleaded guilty.  However, the judge may have gone easy on the jail time since the victim married the defendant and bore him a child!
– A man who pleaded guilty to having sex with a woman and not telling her he has AIDS is now the victim’s husband and the father of her child.      
– In the courtroom was his wife there to support him. She also happened to be the victim he pleaded guilty to potentially exposing to HIV. 
– Neither the bride-victim, nor the groom-defendant wanted to make a statement.  
-Judge George Buth revealed that Comer had married the victim and the two of them had a child together.


How can Clark Baker credibly claim to have aided in the “resolution” of this case when the defendant pleaded guilty to the original plea deal offered even after all evidence was accounted for?  None of Baker’s “winning strategies” that he boasts about at his HIP/HIG site helped to generate a better outcome for this defendant than the County Prosecutor had offered in the beginning of this case.  Quite simply, Baker has once again claimed victory for a case he was not active in and for which he offered nothing productive, especially regarding his AIDS Denialist “Strategies”.

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