Lenny Love Case

Case:  Lenny Love                                                                                                                                      Case Number:  C/11/CRA/19831                                                                                                          Common Pleas Case Number:   B 1104307                                                                                                 State:  Ohio                                                                                                                                                 County:  Hamilton

Science And Evidence Prove Clark Baker Lying Again

This is the perfect case to prove that Clark Baker is not only lying when he claims that his OMSJ and/or HIV Innocence Group were involved in this case, but it also proves that the very science that Baker claims he uses to get HIV Criminal charges dismissed, actually worked against him in this case.  See also the cases of Jose Alex Perez and Daniel Hay Lewis.


  •  A physical examination of Love revealed that he is not HIV positive.
  •  Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters said the baby was examined at Children’s Hospital for possible injuries consistent with Love’s statements, but the baby did not exhibit any injuries.
  • Deters said his office also asked the court to order a mental evaluation of Love, and nothing in the court clinic evaluation supported Love’s claims that he had abused the baby.
  • Deters said that since there was now no basis for the charges, the Hamilton County grand jury ignored them on Friday.
  • The Department of Jobs and Family Services and appropriate mental health authorities have been notified about Love’s statements and condition, Deters said.
  • “I am relieved that the baby is fine and that this incident was the fabrication of a mentally unstable person. We always take these allegations seriously and must be absolutely positive that the incident did not occur,” Deters said in a news release.

 Deranged Man

The charges were dropped because a mentally deranged man lied  not only about raping his own 6 month old child, but also because HIV Tests proved he was NOT HIV+ (just like Jose Alex Perez and Daniel Hay Lewis.)  However, these facts did not stop another mentally deranged man from posting the lie that his “organization” was involved and helped to get the charges dropped by proving that HIV Tests are fraudulent.  I have saved a download of Baker’s HIV Innocence Group webpage as of August 25, 2011 just in case he tries to delete this case from the webpage.

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