Daniel Allen Case UPDATE: Attorney Galen Confirms Baker’s Lies

Daniel Allen Case – Macomb County , Michigan

Case Number: 2009-004960-FH PEOPLE vs. ALLEN, DANIEL PJM

Attorney James Galen has responded to my email and confirmed that Clark Baker lied and was NOT “instrumental in getting Bio-Terrorism charges dropped” in the Daniel Allen Case.  Mr. Galen also confirms that Clark Baker did not provide any help in any way as an individual nor through the Office of Medical and Scientific Justice nor via HIV Innocence Project/Group!  As a reminder, Clark Baker claimed here (initial claim at comment #21) that OMSJ was “instrumental in getting Bio-Terrorism charges dropped”.  Throughout the comment section, Mr. Baker repeated the claim and challenged and taunted others to call Mr. Galen to confirm.  Baker went so far as to provide Mr. Galen’s phone number (however, I did not verify the number to see if it was even correct).

Here is the email from Attorney James Galen

—–Original Message—–
From: James Galen <fastlawyer@att.net>
To: Jack Night <kckow@aol.com>
Sent: Mon, Sep 19, 2011 2:54 pm
Subject: Clark Baker

Dear Mr. Night,

Please forgive me for taking so long to respond to your emails.  I have been extremely  busy as I am a sole practitioner and have been very backed up with current work.  Addressing the issues you raise in your emails to me and my office forces me to in part relive an old case.  As regards Mr. Baker I will state the following.  Mr. Baker contacted me and my office about the People v. Daniel Allen case.  He did discuss his theories on HIV and AIDS.  The theories were novel and unique to me.  However I did not use any of his theories at all in regards to the Daniel Allen case.  I never met in person with Mr. Baker.  I never retained Mr.  Baker’s services as an investigator or in any capacity.  I tried to be gracious with Mr. Baker as he seemed to sincerely want to help with the Daniel Allen matter but the bottom line is that other than listen to his theories and review some materials that he sent to me Mr. Baker did no actual work on the Daniel Allen matter.  I do not know what claims Mr. Baker has made about that case but I was lead counsel and the only attorney of record with the court.  So, in short, Mr. Baker’s comments, theories and observations in regards to the People v. Daniel Allen case were not used by me or Mr. Allen in his defense.  I hope this explains my office’s position in regards to your inquiries.Sincerely,James L. Galen, Jr. (P43406)
Attorney at Law

Your Honor, I Rest My Case 

This is the strongest evidence that Clark Baker is lying and his HIV Innocence Project, now called HIV Innocence Group is a complete farce; a charade.  If Mr. Baker were indeed involved in any of the cases he lists at his website, he would more forthcoming with evidence of exactly what work he and or his staff  has done on the cases.  Mr. Baker would also provide details of the actual impact this work had on each case.  Mr. Baker can not simply list a case at his site, link to the original news article showing the person was arrested, and expect people to believe this proves his involvement and the impact of that involvement on a positive outcome.

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