Case of Matthew Atha: Clark Baker Defends Child Rapist – UPDATED

Case: Matthew E. Atha


State: Ohio

Clark Baker & OMSJ Get Child Rapist Drastically Reduced Sentence

Matthew E. Atha not only confessed to raping a 9 year old girl for two years, DNA evidence proves he did it.  This human scum repeatedly raped a girl from the age of 9 until 11 and Clark Baker jubilantly claims to have gotten 2 Felonious Assault Charges dropped.  Those two charges would have increased Atha’s sentence from 10 years of hard time to life in prison!  Think about that.  How far down the rabbit hole has Clark Baker gone?  I am sure at one time he was a good cop with good intentions.  Before he lost his temper and committed Police Brutality so severe he was sued, lost and fired, Baker must have wanted to be a good cop at some point.

Now Baker is so wrapped up in his delusion of HIV that he claims to have been helpful in getting two Felonious Assault Charges dropped that would have put this pedophile away for life.  Of course Baker provides no evidence that he was helpful at all.  As a matter of fact, the prosecutor claims the charges were dismissed to keep from putting the child through the harrowing ordeal of testifying in court.

What kind of person goes from being a decent cop to defending human garbage?  Does Baker even stop to consider that what if he is wrong about HIV?  This man, who is HIV+, could have given this innocent little girl a deadly virus.  Baker does not consider any thing other than his own deceitful, despicable agenda.

UPDATE: Email from Attorney Donna Stamps proves the plea bargain had nothing to do with HIV.


Dana A. Stamps
Eric A. Stamps

Attorneys at Law
3814 Little York Road
Dayton, Ohio 45414
(937) 898-9440
FAX (937) 890-4694

October 7, 2011

Clark Baker, CPI #26869
P.O. Box 1507
Studio City, CA 91614-0507

Dear Clark:

Re: Matthew E. Atha, Greene County Common Pleas Court
Case No. llCR0499

I appreciate all of the help that you gave me in this matter. The information that you
sent was very meaningful. We were able to negotiate a plea bargain, however, I have to inform
you that it never came down to the situation where the HIV became an issue as far as the plea bargain is concerned. The information that you supplied me would have been very helpful if we had to try the case. (emphasis mine)

I appreciate your assistance very much. If I need anything in the future, I will contact
you. If you need anything out this way, feel free to give me a call.


Dana A. Stamps



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