Clark Baker’s Inevitable Threat Has Finally Occurred

I wondered how long it would take for this website to get to Clark Baker.  I knew the truth presented at this site would eventually lead Clark Baker to threaten this site.  In the comment thread of this Huffington Post piece, Baker’s inevitable threat comes after much back and forth in which he could no longer cover up the lies I was exposing.  Baker writes:

Unlike your websites, OMSJ has contact and corporate info that allows anyone to see who we are and what we do. After you misreprese­nted your conversati­on with Mr. Coleman under the name of Jack Knight, we don’t expect your websites to last much longer.  

This is very typical of AIDS Denialists who constantly lie.  When their lies are uncovered, they have no choice but to try to CENSOR!!  Also, notice how he also tries to bash my credibility by saying I misrepresented myself.   What a sad, scared little liar.

Maybe Jack Knight is a pseudonym.  Maybe Jack Knight is my real name.  What does it matter?  It is obviously smart to be safe around people like Clark Baker, and this threat proves just that.  Here is a novel idea; how about being truthful at OMSJ and this site would not be necessary.


All comments from OMSJ are gone from the HuffPo piece!!  Baker must be trying to cover his tracks before attacking my site!  No matter what, this will be in Google Cache!  Keep watching for new developments.

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