Clark Baker Makes Outrageous Claim Against Doctor in Andre Davis Case

Clark Baker is displaying his inability to lose gracefully.  He has written a post at his OMSJ site of his unrealistic review of the Andre Davis Case.  He repeated all the lies I detailed in my previous post with one additional statement that some might call a gargantuan lie about the doctor who diagnosed Andre Davis and was not called to testify, Dr. Donohue.  Of course Baker does not stop with Dr. Donohue.  He goes onto libel and defame others in his practice.  Because the statement is so defamatory, libelous and without a shred of evidence, some might call it a lie.  (But not me, I don’t want to get sued).

Clinicians who have received thousands of dollars in “speaking fees” include Donohue Cardiology associates Christopher Allen MD, Linda Gordon and Dr. Donohue, whose practice has accepted kickbacks from Abbott Labs, AstraZeneca, Boston Scientific, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Merck, Reliant, Sankyo, and Schering Plough.  This month alone, GSK paid a $3 billion settlement for illegally marketing a deadly drug.

The “kickback” Baker talks about is nothing more than a dinner for the American Heart Association sponsored by those pharmaceutical companies listed above.  Baker does not link to one, single source to back up his libelous claim of a “kickback.”   But why should Baker care?  Perhaps Attorney Coleman will care when I alert him to the type of person he is associating with.

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