Office of Medical and Scientific Justice: Reach, Impact & Influence

Clark Baker claims that OMSJ is incredibly important, powerful and influential.  It is so powerful and influential that Mr. Baker recently claimed he and his OMSJ are the sole catalyst for all humanitarians around the world to begin the work of decriminalizing HIV laws.  Because of these immaculate claims, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at just how much traffic he gets at his website and therefore just how much influence this site truly has.

I was amazed to find that the Alexa Ranking for is quite abysmal indeed.  Mr. Baker’s site, which includes HIV Innocence Group, has an Alexa Ranking of 1,761,973.  That is terrible.  For a comparison, let’s look at other single blogger sites in the HIV/AIDS realm:

  1. = 1,761,973
  2.   HIVSkeptic = 1,054,383
  3.   ResistanceIsFruitful = 853,807
  4.   DenyingAIDS = 780,491 an HIV orthodox site

If you are not familiar with how Alexa ranks websites, let me explain.  It does not merely tally up the number of visits per day, it also relies on the number of “clicks” each visitor makes as well as other sites that link into a particular site.  For instance, Mr. Baker has 179 other sites that link to  That is very impressive.  So why does it not translate to a higher ranking?  If a site has many other sites linking in, and still has a terrible ranking, this is even more telling of just how pathetic a site’s reach and influence truly are.

Another driving factor that increases a site’s Alexa Ranking, as I said above, is the number of clicks each visitor makes.  And Mr. Baker’s site is set up in such a way that this feature alone should sky rocket his site’s ranking.  For instance, every post at only shows the title of the post and two or three sentences.  Each visitor must click the post to read it.  But that is just the beginning with  Each post literally contains 40% of hyperlinks.  For a reader to really understand what Mr. Baker is trying to convey, it is necessary to click on most if not all of those hyperlinks.

Lastly is the number of new posts.  The more times a blogger posts new content, the more often a visitor is likely to return. has been up and running for several years which is plenty of time to garner a loyal following.  And Mr. Baker adds new content several times a week.  So again I must ask, why does all of this not translate to a better Alexa Ranking?

It’s quite interesting to see that among the sites that deal with HIV/AIDS dissidence, the top ranked site is an “orthodox” site.  This tells me that more people like to get their information from a reputable, credible source.  And if you look closely at Denying AIDS, you will see that it does not try as hard as OMSJ does.  It does not have extensive hyperlinks nor does Dr. Kalichman add new content very often.  No, Denying AIDS simply gets much more traffic from people who want information from an educated source, not from a conspiracy theorist who lies incessantly.

This is just one more bit of evidence to prove just how delusional Clark Baker is.

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