Summary of OMSJ/HIV Innocence Group Dubious “Wins”: UPDATED Twice

Clark Baker began the HIV Innocence Group at the end of 2009 and immediately began listing cases that he claimed to have been successfully involved. I was immediately skeptical because of the sheer volume of cases and his 100% perfect track record. In his first year alone he listed 17 supposed wins. That is quite a bit for a one man show not to mention the fact that he had just started. No person or business is immediately 100% successful at any new venture especially at the volume Baker was claiming. It just did not make sense.**See below for further information on Track Record
Because of my skepticism about Baker’s immediate success and perfect track record I started this site to document any discrepancies I found. I also felt that Baker’s intentions were not so much about helping people, but more about using the courts to further his AIDS Denialist agenda. I was quite clear about my skepticism from the beginning. I have provided a summary of the cases documented at this site below. Many of the case outcomes had nothing to do with the science of HIV. Whatsmore, in several cases Baker had no involvement in the outcomes whatsoever despite listing the cases as “wins” at his site.

I. Charges dropped due to defendant testing negative:

II. Charges dropped due to legal precedent set in previous case:
B. Darren Chiacchia & Update here
III. Cases not resolved as Baker reported
A. Jerome Walker NOTE: Baker has since changed his website to reflect my reporting!
IV. Defense attorneys confirm Baker not involved at all: (To me this is the most damning)
E. Darren Garcia UPDATE
V. Cases Lost In Court Trial (A thru D not listed at Baker’s site)
E. Lt. Col. KP – Baker lost this case at trial but still lists it as win #43 at his site because the defendant “only got one year”. Baker does not discuss the fact that this defendant also was in the service for 26 years and lost all benefits, had to register as a sex offender and got his/her good name tarnished. I have not blogged about this case out of respect for the defendant who is appealing the verdict. But what does it say about Clark Baker that he lists this in his “win” column? 
Baker has 56 cases listed at his site. I have proven that at least 12 13 14 of those are not true wins OR Baker was not even involved in whatsoever. Expressed as a percentage that is 21% 23% 25%. In science we would call that statistically significant. 
How reliable and credible is an organization that pads its resume in this fashion? Perhaps one that is run by a man who claims that his supposed success in less than one year got the attention of every AIDS activist in the world and encouraged them to start working against HIV Criminalization Laws? 
**Track Record of Supposed Wins
2010 – 17
2011 – 19
2012 – 13
2013 – 06
2014 – ZERO
In July of 2011 I started this website and began demanding proof from Mr. Baker. Coincidentally Baker began providing what he considers proof at the end of 2011 and has done so in the last 18 of the 25 cases he listed. Unfortunately for Mr. Baker, some of my own documentation proving the opposite came from his sources. Unfortunately for ME, Baker has changed tactics and has moved on to mostly military cases which have been notoriously difficult for me to document. Once again I have to give him credit for his cunning strategy. It would look better for Mr. Baker to forgo cunning and strategy and opt for true transparency.

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