4th Attorney Confirms Clark Baker Not Involved In Case…and Worse

This is unbelievable. A fourth attorney has confirmed that Mr. Baker was not involved in a case listed as a “win” at his site. (3 times is a pattern. 4 times is just sad.)
That is not the worst of it. Defense Attorney Mason did not give Baker consent to post anything about the case and was not aware that Baker had done so until I contacted him. Of course why would the attorney think that Baker would be posting information about a case that Baker was not involved with?
NOTE: Complete email from attorney Mason posted below. I will not be posting the name of the defendant out of respect for that person as well as respect for attorney Mason. I will only say it was listed as “win” #35 at Baker’s site. I have asked attorney Mason to contact Mr. Baker and request he remove any mention of the case from his site. In the possibility that Mr. Baker does the honorable thing and removes the case, I have saved screen shots for posterity.   

The email from Attorney Mason also confirms what I have suspected from my research and prior correspondence with other attorneys: Baker’s Modus Operandi. 
1. Baker reaches out to an attorney with a client accused of an HIV related crime.
2. Defense attorney politely listens to Baker’s “novel and unique” theories, as attorney Galen referred to them in the Daniel Allen Case.
3. Baker sends information to attorney whether or not the info was requested.
4. Charges are dropped or plea deal reached for any reason.
5. Baker gets an email from the attorney stating charges were dropped or plea deal reached.
6. Baker lists the case as “win” without confirming if he actually had any input in the resolution of the case.
This is not just speculation. The emails from attorneys Galen and Mason prove this outright. An email from attorney Donna Stamps in the Atha Case prove that HIV had nothing to do with the plea bargain, and yet Baker still lists that case as a win:
We were able to negotiate a plea bargain, however, I have to inform
you that it never came down to the situation where the HIV became an issue as far as the plea bargain is concerned. The information that you supplied me would have been very helpful if we had to try the case.
 (emphasis mine)
In addition, there are two other cases in which the attorneys confirm Mr. Baker was not involved despite Baker listing those cases as wins: Case of Robert Uballe and Case ofWilliam Trout.
This goes beyond deception. It is completely illogical. Maybe it is also the same reasoning that allows Mr. Baker to claim he has arrested so many people when he was with the LAPD:
Scenario: Another cop cracks the case and chases the perp right to where Baker is eating a donut. The perp slips in the jelly that oozed out from the bottom of Baker’s donut. Baker puts the cuffs on the perp and claims he made the arrest. 
Email from Attorney Mason:
From: dmason@redacted

To: my email redacted
Subject: Re: Case of: redacted
Date: Thu, 1 May 2014 02:14:59 +0000


I can’t say much due to attorney client confidentiality.  I was unaware of the posting of a message to his site.  I am pleased that the only information posted is publicly available information as I never gave him any confidential information about the case.
He contacted me to assist in my client’s case and I can say that I informed him that the case was dismissed so that he did not continue to try to work on the case.  He did send me sample affidavits and work product related to his arguments.  Ultimately, I did not utilize his services.
Thank you for reaching out to me and I wish you the best in this difficult and challenging area of law.
I am most disheartened that anything about my client continues to be posted online as that only hurts her and is not beneficial to anyone.

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