Attorney #5 Confirms Clark Baker Being Untruthful

This has become a landslide of attorneys confirming that Mr. Baker was not involved in cases he claims to have been successful. At this point Mr. Baker should just delete his websites and crawl away and hide from sheer humiliation and embarrassment. I will say no more here. The email speaks for itself. I will just paste the email from attorney Stancil regarding the Darren Garcia Case which is listed as “win” #55 at Baker’s site.

From: JStancil@redacted
To: my email address redacted
Subject: Re: Darren Garcia – Denver CO Case: #12CR00384
Date: Mon, 5 May 2014 21:53:41 +0000

Hi Todd,
The prosecutors decision was based on many factors- none of which were associated with Mr. Baker ‘s offer to assist in the case. (emphasis mine) We never ended up taking him up on his offer (emphasis mine) and my email was just me telling him we were no longer concerned with the prostitution with Aids charge. 

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