Missing In Action: OSMJ; Office of Medical & Scientific Justice; HIV Innocence Group

It may be about time to put Clark Baker’s face on a milk carton. Baker’s HIV Innocence Group has been strangely quiet and Baker has not posted any new “wins” at his website since November of 2013.  Almost 7 months without any activity is suspicious, especially because Baker has posted as many as 5 case “wins” per month in the past. I have no way of knowing what is going on, but I can make an educated guess: I would bet money that he is still working on cases but not advertising it so that it appears to the Federal Court in Texas that my little ol’ website has damaged his “business”. I base this guess on the fact that Baker has said as much and more in papers submitted in the lawsuit. I can not go into detail until the case is over. But I can say that in Baker’s original suit he claimed that I have cost him $100K. That already outrageous figure changed abruptly in his First Amended Complaint about two months later to a cool One Million $$!

I have not updated this site in about a month because I have been really busy with some exciting changes in my life. However, I will soon be posting more about the AIDS Dissidents and their plans to use Electron Microscopy. There is a mysterious research paper that is soon to be published as well as a supposed State of the Art EM facility in Houston, Texas. It should be a hoot!

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