I Beat Clark Baker In Federal Court: OMSJ/HIV Innocence Group Continue AIDS Denialists Legal Losing Streak

The ruling came down Friday June 27, 2014. By Monday June 30, Baker had already filed a Notice of Appeal. Despite losing on the same legal grounds he lost the Arbitration on back in May 2013, Baker can not seem to let go. Just as the arbitration panel found that I was legitimately and legally using the name HIV Innocence Group Truth, so did a Federal Judge. That’s OK, because every time he loses in this lawsuit he is just piling up the fees he will have to pay my attorneys who are generously working pro-bono. And maybe a little more humiliation will be good for Mr. Baker’s ego. I have been very busy but I am currently working on a detailed post that will include the judges’ ruling. It should be ready in a day or so.

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