Re-Thinking AIDS Denialists Celebrate Deaths of AIDS Researchers on Downed Malaysian Flight

This post is way off topic for this site. However, I am so disgusted by this that I had to show just what these people are really like. When an AIDS Denier dies they accuse the orthodox of “dancing on their graves”. The thread posted below was taken directly from the Re-Thinking AIDS facebook page the day after the crash and shows the hypocrisy of such accusations. I should also note that anytime an AIDS Denier dies, their fellow denialists invariably attribute their deceased comrades death to illegal drug use such as heroine and crystal meth. But that is a post for another time.

There is also a different thread discussing the possibility/probability that the plane was shot down because these researchers were going to blow the whistle on the AIDS Fraud.  I don’t have enough space for that amount of crazy.

Prepare yourselves. This will make you cry for humanity.

The Malaysia Airlines plane crash in Ukraine has reportedly claimed the lives of some of the world’s top medical researchers, who were heading to Melbourne.

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