Another Case Perfect for (and Refused by) the Office of Medical and Scientific Justice/OMSJ

Last week I wrote about a case that perfectly fulfilled the Mission Statement of OMSJ:

·   To protect and defend the victims and witnesses of medical and scientific corruption

I will not re-hash that story or the (lack of) involvement by OMSJ. You can click the link above for the original story with update and here for the follow-up.

Now I have found another case that would also fulfill the mission statement of OMSJ. But just like the Bobby Russell case, OMSJ is not involved. I discovered the case of Noreen Gray-Martin in the comment section at ReThinking AIDS facebook page discussing the Bobby Russell case. The Gray-Martin case is about using the Electron Microscope as a diagnostic tool for HIV. (all comments are copy/pasted verbatim)

Noreen Gray-Martin It depends upon where he lives which governs the statute of limitation. I have the same problem with electron microscope since it goes back to the original test date. But I think that I could pursue the labs who continuously tell me that I have a viral load where Boston says it is not in me. But my problem is too, is it the standard of care issue.Right or wrong, it is the standard of care. Plus, add the fact that the attornies don’t understand the problem, making all of this about useless. I have a little over 7 months to pursue the lab issue, if I could find someone to take the case. (emphasis mine)
Noreen Gray-Martin Yes but we know the truth. Most believe the mainstream propaganda. Even the doctors. One older one told me yesterday that I was in denial even though my electron miscroscope could not find HIv me or others. Most of the doctors are not familiar with electron microscope and do not understand the flaws of HIV and sadly, they don’t want to know..

The truth is the Electron Microscope is not a proper tool for diagnosis of HIV. When I wrote this discussion of the dreadful EM research paper by Andrew Maniotis, I asked a PhD Scholar with the California Institute of Technology, Division of Biology to explain why EM was not used as a diagnostic tool for HIV. Here is that response:

Historically, electron microscopy has served as an effective method to identify viral agents of infection.  However, the use of electron microscopy as a diagnostic tool is limited by its requirement for a high concentration of particles in the clinical sample.  The limit of detection for diagnosis of a virus by electron microscopy is widely accepted as 10^6 -10^8 particles/ml.1 For HIV-1 patients, a “high” viral load may range from 10^4 – 10^6 HIV RNA copies/ml. Because each HIV particle carries 2 copies of the viral genome, 1×10^6 copies/ml would translate to 5×10^5 particles/ml, placing, in many instances, the positive detection of virus outside of the detection limit of electron microscopy.  Another consideration is that although HIV can be transmitted through blood and blood products, the viral burden in an infected individual is found primarily in the lymphatic tissue, not in the blood (HIV in the blood may represent just 2% of the total viral burden).  Finally, the detection of HIV in blood by electron microscopy may be further complicated by the structural pleomorphism the virus displays. 

  1. Hazelton and Gelderblom Emerg Infect Dis. Mar 2003; 9(3): 294–303
  2. Courtney V. Fletcher, Kathryn Staskus, etal January 27, 2014, doi: 10.1073/pnas.1318249111

An actual expert gives several excellent reasons (and footnotes) why EM is not a proper diagnostic tool for HIV. Unfortunately, Mr. Baker’s opinion is more important to the AIDS Dissidents than real experts with years of study as well as hands-on research experience. Make no mistake about it; the false idea that EM can be used to diagnose HIV is a direct result of Mr. Baker’s words and actions.

Mr. Baker attempted to introduce EM in the case of Nushawn Williams as well as in a military case of “GBA”. Unfortunately for Mr. Baker, the prosecuting attorney in the military case challenged the laboratory being used and thus the validity of the results and got the EM thrown out. And the jury in the Nushawn Williams case just did not buy it. But none of that has an impact on Baker’s fans.

Mr. Baker has even taken it upon himself to claim that EM is the gold standard of HIV testing despite having done no research or published in any peer reviewed journals to substantiate his claim:

OMSJ experts contend that, as the “gold standard,” EM is the only reliable method that can identify the presence of the virus.

Mr. Baker has ventured beyond the confines of his own website to reach his supporters. He has gone straight to where he knows he can influence the greatest numbers: ReThinking AIDS facebook page. (emphasis mine)

Clark Baker Having been involved in MANY cases since 2008, I’m convinced that HIV and AIDS are real. We’ve photographed HIV and continue to engage in HIV/plasma experiments using electron microscopy.  It’s also hard to avoid the fact that most living organisms, including humans, eventually die from conditions that compromise health and lead to an Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and death. But like Mullis and Duesberg, we found NO REPRODUCIBLE PROOF that HIV causes AIDS. If such a proof existed, OMSJ has the funding and resources to prove it ourselves.  But we’re not at dead end – I suspect that we’ll soon ask HIV researchers that question in one or more videotaped depositions. Stay tuned.

I admit that all of this information does not necessarily mean that it had any impact on Ms. Gray-Martin herself. However, I believe this comment clearly indicates that it was Clark Baker who has influenced her current belief in EM as a diagnostic tool for HIV.
Noreen Gray-Martin I will help but honestly I do no longer follow all of this. There comes a time when one has to move on. And many of get tired of the bickering back and forth between the rethinkers. Don’t be too harsh on Clark Baker, because as far as I know, he paid for many of us to be tested by electron microscope, which is not cheap! (emphasis mine)
If Mr. Baker truly believes in his own Mission Statement then why not help Ms. Gray-Martin with her lawsuit? This could be the perfect test case for Mr. Baker to prove that he is not tilting at windmills and his self professed “gold standard” is indeed all he has claimed. My fear is that these dissidents will never admit that their Knight in Shining Armour is fighting imaginary foes and jeopardizing their health in the process.

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