We Are All Saved! Clark Baker Is Now Researching Ebola

Nothing makes me happier than when Clark Baker displays his science expertise. It took me two separate posts to deconstruct his dreadful “analysis” of Flow Cytometry.  And who can forget the abysmal “research” paper on Electron Microscopy by Andrew Maniotis and funded by OMSJ. Do not forget about the Phylogenetic analysis of HIV.

There is also the general bragging at RA facebook (September 2013) about research being done by OMSJ:

Clark Baker Having been involved in MANY cases since 2008, I’m convinced that HIV and AIDS are real. We’ve photographed HIV and continue to engage in HIV/plasma experiments using electron microscopy.  It’s also hard to avoid the fact that most living organisms, including humans, eventually die from conditions that compromise health and lead to an Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and death. But like Mullis and Duesberg, we found NO REPRODUCIBLE PROOF that HIV causes AIDS. If such a proof existed, OMSJ has the funding and resources to prove it ourselves.  But we’re not at dead end – I suspect that we’ll soon ask HIV researchers that question in one or more videotaped depositions. Stay tuned.

Mr. Baker’s most recent comment at RA facebook (October 15, 2014) says he is now going to research Ebola:

Clark Baker Kalule Brian Kasule – This is a theory I’m working on. I can’t prove it until I can get some soil, water, and air samples from allegedly HIV/Ebola hotspots. I’d be interested in your impressions/thoughts.http://www.omsj.org/corrup…/hiv-africa-connecting-the-dots

Is there no scientific discipline this man with only a high school education from 1970 cannot tackle? I guess not, as long as he has the right “soil, water and air samples.”

The most perplexing thing is the link that Baker supplies in his comment. That link is to a blog post Baker wrote back in 2009. First of all, it does not say one thing about Ebola and therefore it is one more example of Mr. Baker being an opportunist. Second, what it does say is nothing more than a fantasy conspiracy theory for which Mr. Baker has no proof. Baker says that the mining companies in South Africa are using AIDS as a smoke-screen disease in place of the real diseases of silicosis, asbestosis and tuberculosis suffered by their miners. These mining companies are supposedly doing this so that they cannot be held liable.

Somehow Mr. Baker ties these companies to Treatment Action Campaign and the World Health Organization and many other groups and universities in a vast conspiracy of some sort. And in Baker World he surmises: “mounting evidence suggests that South Africa may be ground zero in AIDS mythology.”  But it really does nothing of the kind. Just because some scumbag companies do not want to be held liable for the health of their employees and are using AIDS as the scapegoat only proves that they are scumbag companies. It definitely does not mean that AIDS is a myth.

No matter what Mr. Baker is saying in his blog post from 2009, I just wonder why it has been 5 years and he still has not been able to get his “soil, water and air samples from allegedly HIV/Ebola hotspots”. Maybe he had to wait for Ebola to grab enough attention so Mr. Baker could deflect some of that attention onto himself.

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