More Fun with Clark Baker’s “Science”

This is a very slight deviation from the original intent of this blog which is to provide proof that Clark Baker’s HIV Innocence Group is not what Baker presents to the public. However, this post does demonstrate two qualities of Mr. Baker that have been a running theme on this blog:

1. His lack of science knowledge

2. His affinity to say whatever outrageous things he wants with no proof

On Mr. Baker’s facebook page October 30, 2014 he wrote the following:

  • Clark Baker Roger – This report is probably the most comprehensive I’ve read about vaccines. They’re loaded with all kinds of toxins – so many in fact that unvaccinated people have been known to get sick and die when exposed to vaccinated people. I haven’t been sick since I stopped getting flu shots in 2012. I used to get sick 3-4 times a year – I don’t get sick anymore (knock on wood!).

Mr. Baker makes the outrageous claim that toxins in vaccines are so prolific that they jump right out of the bodies of vaccinated people into the bodies of unvaccinated people and kill them dead. I am rewriting his statement and raising the level of hyperbole to drive home just how ridiculous and outrageous that comment is. And before you think that Mr. Baker is also being hyperbolic, I challenge you to look over his posts at his facebook page. It is a plethora of conspiracy theories, everything anti-science, racists posts about President Obama and misogynistic comments about Hillary Clinton and more. And on the rare occasions that someone dares challenge Mr. Baker in his echo chamber, he doubles down on unsubstantiated beliefs, racism and/or misogyny. It really is something to behold.

Perhaps most notably about the statement above, Mr. Baker links to an article to support his “toxins in vaccines that magically kill unvaccinated people” gambit. And the article is “the most comprehensive I’ve ever read about vaccines”. However, the article does not even mention the word “toxins” nor does it even come close to supporting the statement Mr. Baker makes.

Mr. Baker can believe and even say pretty much anything he wants; That is the beauty of America. However, when he makes statements that are not supported and many times even contradicted by the “proof” he supplies, that is when his credibility and integrity should be questioned.


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