Celia Farber Responds to my Post with Name-Calling Back-Pedaling and Denial

A few days ago I wrote a post about Celia Farber’s insistence that measles does not kill. After seeing my post, instead of taking the opportunity to clarify her position in a thoughtful way, Ms. Farber unleashed an emotional response calling me a “moron, hopeless liar and pharma shill” on her facebook page. She also blocked me so that I could not respond. Then Ms. Farber came to my blog and left three equally emotional comments and passive/aggressively demanded that I post a correction. Even though Ms. Farber has blocked me from her facebook page, I have decided to post her comments here as she has asked. I have no problem showing the other person’s view point. This nasty, reactionary bullshit is for children.

I am not going to re-hash my original post. I stand by my interpretation of her comments. And the fact that she went back one day after my post to clarify her meaning (see below) proves that Ms. Farber does indeed agree that her original comments were not as clear as she pretends.

Here is her facebook comment:

Celia Ingrid Farber This moron says I said something I never said. I cited two precise years in two posts and last ten years in another. I NEVER said there have been no deaths from measles ever. But what can you do about hopeless liars and pharma shills?

The comments below are the ones Ms. Farber left at this blog.

NOTE: I do not have a comment section at this blog for this very reason. I learned with my first blog that comments can get out of hand and way off topic very quickly. But feel free to leave comments. I will respond privately to each comment left. I responded privately to Ms. Farber. I even apologized to her for past transgressions. Two days later, she has still not responded to my email nor my apology.

You’re a moron. I cited precise years in two posts on which there were no deaths and in another cited the fact that there have been none in the last TEN years. I never said no measles deaths ever. You even quote me NOT saying what you say I said. You’re hopelessly dishonest and emotionally unbalanced. (emphasis mine) Then again “we all know that.” This concludes my one visit to this filthy place once every two years. No, make that “ever.”

Ms. Farber comes back to “visit this filthy place” again to show me she clarified her statement on her facebook page:

Why does she speak of measles deaths when there are no deaths from measles? (clarification added Jan 31: I don’t mean ever. No deaths in US in last 10 years as I have made clear in every post. I mean NOW. There “ARE” refers to now. In this time in history, there are no deaths from measles.)
I posted some stats yesterday. (see below.)

Then Ms. Farber decides to “visit this filthy place” a third time:

If I had said, “There have never been any deaths from measles” you would be right. I didn’t say that. “are” referred to the present day situation dating back at least 10 years in the US. Please clarify this misunderstanding. If you are at all honest you will publish my response. Are you honest enough to publish my response?

Yes, Ms. Farber, I am honest enough to publish your response(s): All of them. And thank you for proving me right as well as who is truly “emotionally unbalanced”.


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