Clark Baker & OMSJ Lose Again; Fifth Circuit Affirms the Legality & Legitimacy of this Website

Clark Baker tried to steal my First Amendment Rights and my websites on three occasions and he lost all three times. It has cost him at least $200,000 and counting and the humiliation of 3 legal entities: Arbitration, Federal District Court and now the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals which writes:

 While we accept all well-pleaded facts as true and construe the complaint in the light most favorable to the plaintiff, we do not accept “conclusory allegations, unwarranted factual inferences, or legal conclusions” as true.

     Based on a careful review of the record, the parties’ respective briefs, and the relevant district opinion, we conclude that the Rule 12(b)(6) motion to dismiss was properly granted on Baker’s Lanham Act claims. Because the district court’s careful analysis thoroughly explains our reasoning, we need not engage in a redundant analysis simply to reach the same result. We therefore AFFIRM for essentially the same reasons as the district court.

While this ruling exhausts all of Baker’s legal avenues against me, this is still not over. My attorneys are asking the court for fees of over $50,000 just for defending me against his original baseless suit.

I would like to thank my attorneys who worked very hard on this case and did all their work pro bono!

Paul Alan Levy

D. Gill Sperlein

Neal A. Hoffman

Gary Krupkin

These men all believe in Freedom of Speech and answered this Popehat Signal within hours without knowing me just because they believe in the First Amendment! I would not have been able to defend myself without this Dream Team and I can not thank them enough for their hours of hard work and patience while walking me through this stressful and lugubrious process!

As I wrote above, the request to have Clark Baker pay fees in this lawsuit is on-going. If you believe in justice, the First Amendment and want to see Clark Baker held financially responsible for bringing a suit that he knew was frivolous and baseless, please DONATE HERE!

Thank you!

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