Clark Baker & OMSJ Money Beg; What Happened?

On February 25 I wrote this post detailing Celia Farber’s request for donations to Clark Baker and OMSJ at the ReThinking AIDS facebook page to help with his legal battles. Farber’s post garnered lots of enthusiasm from the dissidents and promises to financially help Mr. Baker with the supposed legal onslaught against him. Here is how Ms. Farber hyperbolically described it:

OMSJ is under heavy heavy fire, meanwhile, from pharma-funded lawsuits and harassment.

They are trying to crush Clark. He can crush right back if he has the money. He needs lawyers to fight back against a barrage of bogus lawsuits.

Of course there is no “barrage of bogus lawsuits” against Baker (although he may be facing some deep shit and have to explain his questionable tactics and practices to multiple agencies, but I can’t discuss that at the moment.)

The legal battles that Mr. Baker is facing are not “pharma-funded” nor are they “harassment”. The only harassment suit is the one Mr. Baker filed against me. And there is no pharma money funding me; my attorneys worked pro-bono.

Nor does Mr. Baker “need lawyers to fight back.” Baker is well insulated with a coterie of attorneys. Baker also has a good friend, David Pardo, who is an attorney and has partnered with Mr. Baker in questionable websites to harass and defame Dr. James Murtagh, which I have discussed here. I believe Mr. Pardo would be glad to help Mr. Baker with his legal battles. (Pardo may even find himself to be a co-defendant at some point regarding those websites.)

I am not sure why Ms. Farber has such trouble telling the truth and why she feels the need to create details that do not exist. It would seem that if she is asking for money for a worthy cause she could do so on the merits of the cause.

Just a few days later Ms. Farber announced that she was moving swiftly toward launching a website dedicated solely to funding Clark Baker and OMSJ:

Celia Ingrid Farber The crowd funding page for OMSJ is underway. Likely to launch Monday.

February 28 at 1:40pm

Then there was no update for almost two weeks. The next time Farber updated the RA dissident crowd she said the site was being held up because they were working on a video. Unfortunately I did not screen grab that update when I read it and by that afternoon the update was gone and so was Farber’s personal facebook page. This seems to be a pattern with Ms. Farber. She gets excited about a project or a cause and hypes it, but nothing becomes of it. I do not know if this is just another example of this pattern or if other factors were involved, but the website has yet to materialize.

So what happened to this Crowd Funding Website that Ms. Farber was so excited about? Perhaps the fact that 9 days after Farber first announced this crowd funding idea the Fifth Circuit Court ruled in my favor and forever ended Mr. Baker’s frivolous lawsuit against me. Perhaps my short post announcing the ruling and detailing the exorbitant amount of money Mr. Baker wasted had some effect. I don’t know. But I do hope this post re-invigorates Ms. Farber and she will launch this site. I for one cannot wait to see if the RA dissident crowd steps up financially to help Mr. Baker. I know that Bobby Russell asked for money and in 8 months has received a whopping $705 from a total of 14 people.

I am dying to see if Mr. Baker has lost all credibility with the RA dissident crowd as he has with the legal community.


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