Clark Baker has Capital to Start a New Business but Continues Money Beg

On May 23, 2015 Clark Baker said on his facebook page that he has started a new business that is in a high tax bracket. I wonder where he got the capital for this mysterious business while begging people for $200,000 for his legal troubles. I should also point out that Mr. Baker has still not paid the $60,000 in attorney fees that a California judge ordered him to pay to Dr. Murtagh’s attorneys for filing a “frivolous” (the judge’s word, not mine) anti-SLAPP suit. This should be a further caution to anyone who might be considering making a donation to help Baker out of his self-made legal quagmire.

  • Clark Baker I just opened a new company in California with a tax bracket of $100K+. Our tax rate is nearly 50%. (39% + 8.8%) How do Democrats expect US companies to remain in the US? Why open business when we’ll be paying for freeloaders and illegals? And now the minimum wage will go up? What are these morons thinking?

I guess if anyone knows about “freeloaders”, it’s Clark Baker.

Although it seems no one really trusts cares about Baker nor OMSJ and his financial legal troubles since his pathetic site has only garnered 2 donations totaling $75 in over a month. I guess the old adage is true: You reap what you sew.

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