Clark Baker’s Wife Worth $220 Million: So Why is Baker Begging for Money & Threatening Bankruptcy?

I just recently found out how successful (and rich) Baker’s wife, Carol Dunn is. She turned her business into a “power house” worth $220 million and then sold it. Baker and his wife live in California, which is a community property state. So why is Baker begging people for a paltry $200 Grand? (BTW, that site has only garnered $75 from 2 donors.)

I also have confirmed via two independent sources that Mr. Baker has made plans to file bankruptcy. I will not divulge my sources; below is part of an email directly from Mr. Baker to one of my sources:

“I – along with OMSJ – have received tremendous pressure in the form of a malicious lawsuit, which has now forced me to close down our operations and retire. I’m now forced to declare bankruptcy to protect my assets. “

NOTE: Baker is once again being dishonest; he has no intention of retiring. Here is a link to his new “business” an EM lab. I will write a detailed post about that in the coming days.

I have to wonder if perhaps Baker is considering bankruptcy because of his wife. I mean it must be tough for such a mega-successful woman to have her hard earned assets threatened because she married a mega-loser. Let’s face it; this money belongs to Carol, not Baker. She earned it. Baker could not even afford the taxes on their California Mansion with his LAPD pension. Carol must be embarrassed by Clark’s conspiracy theory shenanigans that got him into this mess. Can you imagine being out to dinner or the theater with other rich, successful people and this mope, Ex-LAPD, blue-collar, pseudo-intellectual starts in with his “all of Big Pharma and every scientist in the world is threatened by me” bullshit? I wish I was their neighbor, I would throw a party every weekend and invite Baker just for entertainment. You know everyone in their circle laughs behind his back.

Now Baker has proven that he is a deadbeat that does not pay his bills. After all, it has been one month since a California judged ordered Mr. Baker to pay $60,000 to Dr. Murtagh’s attorneys who have yet to receive that payment. It’s not like he can’t afford it. He must make that much in one month just in interest on his wife’s money. Or perhaps Baker’s wife won’t open the purse strings to pay for his embarrassingly bad behavior.

Whatever the reason for Baker’s bluster about bankruptcy and his audacity to beg people for money, the truth is, Baker has the funds. His irrational ego just will not allow him to admit that he is wrong, be a man and pay for his mistakes and move on with his life. Perhaps Baker’s life is not as great as pretends.

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