Clark Baker’s New EM Lab, Viral Forensics, Is Magic; It Disappeared

In my previous post I mentioned that Mr. Baker had just opened a laboratory to supposedly analyze blood with an Electron Microscope. I even supplied a link to his website for the lab he named Viral Forensics. Here is what you get now when you click that link or search for his site:

The website you have reached is temporarily unavailable.

If you are the owner of this website, please log in for additional
information or contact us as soon as possible.

I am very sad that the website is gone. It was very slick and filled with a plethora of factually ridiculous information for me to analyze, deconstruct and provide the general public with the truth. I had even sent them a message via their “contact us” page asking for a list of their services and the associated fees. Alas, they never sent me the information. I guess I should not have used my real name and email address.

But I am quite certain the website will return. It is only down because of Baker’s lawsuit with Dr. Murtagh where Baker is being annihilated and facing a Contempt of Court ruling. It is down because a judge had ordered Mr. Baker to take down his defamatory website about Dr. Murtagh. If you remember, the original site was Mr. Baker did take that site down but very quickly re-posted the exact information, layout and look of the original site under When I wrote a post detailing the deception (and the despicable “Psycho” name) Baker then changed the name again to

That is why Viral Forensics is now down. That website was hosted by the MurtaghMDTruth site which is now part of a potential Contempt of Court ruling against Mr. Baker. When you go to what was the Viral Forensics website, this is now the url you get:

My bet is that Mr. Baker’s associates in the Viral Forensics scheme lab are covering themselves legally. Because the MurtaghMDTruth is part of a possible Contempt of Court ruling which could levy a heavy penalty, no one wants Baker’s stench of failure on them. It is becoming a pattern with people scurrying away from Mr. Baker:

  1. The first law firm was sanctioned and they are no longer Baker’s attorneys.
  2. The second set of attorneys for Mr. Baker asked a judge to let them out of their affiliation with Mr. Baker only weeks after agreeing to represent him.
  3. Only two people donated to his GoFundMe page.
  4. Now those associated with Baker in Viral Forensics must be having second thoughts.

Who are the people associated with Baker and Viral Forensics? While the site was still up I noticed that none other than David Rasnick had written a white paper specifically for the website:

“…white papers are marketing publications that serve to explain the technology used in a product.”

That white paper was more marketing than explanation, for sure. The only citations provided were by other AIDS Denialists such as Henry Bauer and Nancy Banks and it only served to tear down all other viral diagnostic methodologies such as flow cytometry, PCR, phylogentics and others.

Attorney D. David Steele is also associated with Viral Forensics. If you click this link you will find:

File Number: 201511110107
Filing State: California (CA)
Domestic State: Delaware (DE)
Filing Status: Active
Filing Date: April 13, 2015
Company Age: 2 Months
Registered Agent: David Steele
1300 Clay St Ste 800
Oakland, CA 94612
Principal Address: 820 Heinz Ave
Berkeley, CA 94710

For now Viral Forensics is gone. When it comes back I can’t wait to write a post factually detailing all the inconsistencies, duplicity and downright crazy included in that site.

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