Seeking Victims of AIDS Denial via Clark Baker, OMSJ, HIV Innocence Group & ReThinking AIDS

I have been contacted by several people who came to me of their own volition who have had negative experiences with Clark Baker and his dubious organizations. One person almost died and others have been manipulated into not taking their HIV medications. We are getting affidavits to this effect. If you have had any negative experience, please contact me by leaving a comment and I will get back to you. I will NOT post your comments. If you peruse this blog, will you see that I have never posted comments. I learned with my previous blog that publishing comments just detracts from the facts and purpose of this blog. And that purpose is to provide the public with verifiable facts and information about the dubious intent of Clark Baker, OMSJ, HIV Innocence Group and the deleterious effects of AIDS Denial.

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