Fear and Desperation in Los Angeles: Clark Baker’s Life & Lies are Crumbling

The saga of Clark Baker’s very bad behavior is about to come to an abrupt halt and it will not be pretty for Mr. Baker.  About a week ago Baker filed bankruptcy to put an immediate stop to the two lawsuits that are crashing down on him. Baker sees the writing on the wall and filing bankruptcy is the final, desperate act of a drowning man. This move will only temporarily halt all proceedings. My lawsuit ended many months ago, but my attorneys are still seeking $58K in fees. But that is a fraction of the sum Baker will have to pay Dr. Murtagh. Baker’s main problem is trying to defend himself against Dr. Murtagh when his conduct is indefensible.

Baker has had a series of rulings against him as well as two different law firms bail out on him. The last firm begged the judge to let them out of the case a mere two weeks after agreeing to represent Mr. Baker. Ironically the firm is that of Kevin McDermott, the attorney who prevailed in the appeal of Sgt. David Gutierrez. The only scenario I can see for this sudden departure is that Mr. Baker was not honest with his new attorneys.  Mr. Baker is an uncontrollable client. He has not complied with one ruling against him nor has he paid the $60K in attorney fees he was ordered to pay two months ago. And there is still the matter of the Sanctions which stem from Mr. Baker sending out fraudulent subpoenas.

I was going to write a lengthy post detailing all the rulings and how Baker has made a mockery of the courts and the justice system in both cases and why bankruptcy protection will ultimately fail. But I decided that would get in the way of telling the real story that needs to be told: The story of how Clark Baker got himself into this horrible mess.

Almost 10 years ago Clark Baker and Dr. Murtagh crossed paths. Most people know some of the story about Farber and Deusberg and The Clean Hands Award and The Semmelweiss Society. The details and specifics of why the two men had differing opinions and why they disliked each other are basically irrelevant. The behavior that Clark Baker has engaged in over the past decade would only be warranted if Dr. Murtagh had beaten up Baker’s parents or raped his daughter or some such heinous act. But that is not the case. The only thing I can think of to explain the decade long, systematic, persistent, relentless and uncontrollable quest to ruin Dr. Murtagh’s personal and professional life is that Clark Baker may be mentally unstable.  I am not a psychologist and I am not making a diagnosis here, but I can think of no other explanation. No rational person who is mentally stable and living a happy, productive and worthwhile life would go to the extreme lengths that Mr. Baker has over the past decade.

This is only my opinion. I will lay out the facts and let the readers decide for themselves. You can follow these facts in Dr. Murtagh’s Third Amended Complaint for yourself.

The Websites

As I have reported before, Clark Baker put up a website with the express purpose of interfering with Dr. Murtagh’s employment. The website was JamesMurtaghMD.com. Here is the exact wording from the Welcome Page of that site:

WELCOME to the unofficial page of James J. Murtagh, MD.  Its purpose is not to defame the former Emory University professor, but to provide hospitals and “locum tenens” staffing agencies easy access to publicly-available court documents about Dr. Murtagh’s ongoing conduct and behavior.  Visitors are encouraged to verify the authenticity of all documents with the appropriate judicial jurisdictions before making any hiring decisions based upon these court records.

That is completely unambiguous and clearly shows the exact nature of this (and future) websites.

We all know that with the advent of Google, every employer now “googles” the name of potential employees. Not only did Clark Baker provide information expressly intended to defame Dr. Murtagh in this site, Mr. Baker could also see and track each and every person/company and IP address of whomever clicked on his site. Again, all this information is included in the link above to the Third Amended Complaint. When Mr. Baker would see that a specific employer was looking at his site, Mr. Baker would contact that employer either on the phone, in writing or both. This went on for years. Dr. Murtagh lost job, after job, after job. Not because there was any information in the site that made Dr. Murtagh a potentially bad employee, but the employer (hospitals) did not want any negative attention whatsoever. I know this from personal experience.

Do not forget, Clark Baker called my employer, Baylor Healthcare System, 6 times, every 6 months, like clockwork when I wrote Dissidents4Dumbees. Although Human Resources acknowledged to me that every time HR and IT researched the specific complaint they found absolutely nothing that I had done wrong. I had done nothing to disgrace the hospital, break their rules or break the law. But they expended many man-hours researching each complaint. And although they knew I was not at fault, they were incredibly tired of wasting time, man-hours, resources and most importantly, money, following up on these bogus complaints. (I am sure that Mr. Baker never gave a single thought about the precious time wasted by many people because he is a selfish, self-centered egomaniac who thinks no one’s time is important but his.) Baylor ultimately gave me a choice: end the blog and your First Amendment Rights, or we will fire you. Although I had a great and winnable lawsuit against Baylor for this ultimatum, I acquiesced and deleted my blog. So I personally know the stress and hardship of this type of bogus harassment.

Once Dr. Murtagh finally reached his breaking point, he filed arbitration against Clark Baker for the defamatory site. Baker lost overwhelmingly and the verdict was that he must take down the site because he was breaking the law. Baker complied with the letter of the law, but not the spirit of the law. Baker put up a mirror site, JamesMurtaghMDPsycho.com. I reported on that new mirror-site. After reading my report on this new development, Baker changed the url address to JamesMurtaghMDTruth.com. Baker also put up a site called Propagandists.org with his partner-in-crime, attorney David Pardo. That site also contained the same defamatory information.

Within the last month or so a new website has appeared (and is still active):


This is the exact url that the WIPO arbitration panel said Mr. Baker must take down, just with the addition of “wordpress” in the address.

Not only has Clark Baker given-the-finger to the arbitration body many times, he is blatantly breaking his oath to the licensing agency of the California Private Investigators. But this is nothing new in that regard. All of Baker’s bad behavior in targeting and harassing Dr. Murtagh’s employment (as well as mine) is also in direct conflict with his sworn oath as a licensed Private Investigator.

Cyber Stalking, Actual Stalking, Pinging & Spoofing

All of the above information about Clark Baker tracking IP addresses via his unlawful websites constitutes cyber-stalking and it is also in direct violation of his oath as a licensed California Private Investigator. But all of this insane behavior does not stop there. Clark Baker actually went to Atlanta, GA., crossing state lines, to stalk Dr. Murtagh’s girlfriend. How does physically stalking an actual female sit with the readers’ conscious? Can you imagine someone stalking your girlfriend, wife, sister, mother or grandmother? This is nothing out of the ordinary for Clark Baker.

I also have direct, personal experience with this. Clark Baker called my then 65 year old mother on the phone to scare, intimidate and harass her. Mr. Baker told my mother that he was going to sue me and in the process he was going to take her house away from her. He also told her that from his experience as an ex-officer with the LAPD, he could tell that I was psychotic and would kill her in her sleep. You can see that in my own mother’s Declaration in my lawsuit.

Mr. Baker has also used the illegal tactics of “pinging” Dr. Murtagh’s cell phone. That is illegal pursuant to the Telephone Records and Privacy Protection Act of 2006. The Third Amended Complaint provides proof of Mr. Baker bragging about “pinging” Dr. Murtagh’s cell phone to find his location.

Mr. Baker would also employ the illegal tactic of “spoofing” to find Dr. Murtagh’s location. There is proof of this as well in the Third Amended Complaint and it all starts on the paragraph marked “30”. Mr. Baker used me to spoof Dr. Murtagh by changing the “g” in my email address to a “q”. Very clever indeed because who would notice such a thing? I know I did not notice it when I first saw it. It had to be brought to my attention.

Are you convinced, dear reader, that Clark Baker is a deceptive liar with questionable mental health? Keep in mind that this went on for almost 10 years. And it was not just every once in a while for twisted kicks. Mr. Baker engaged in this behavior on a daily basis. God knows how much time he spent creating his websites and adding information and checking to see which employers were reading the sites and then contacting those employers. He wrote letters. He called them on the phone. What kind of sick and twisted individual does that?

And now that his fun and games should be over he will not even man up and stop his behavior. He flaunts rulings by creating mirror sites: Not one. Not two. Not three but at least four new websites. And he has yet to cough up the $60K that a California judge ordered him to pay almost two months ago.

And do not forget that much of his behavior over the past decade has been illegal. And do not forget that he is a licensed Private Investigator and ex-cop who is flagrantly breaking the law and not living up to his sworn oath as a PI.

And even during the lawsuit Mr. Baker sent out fraudulent subpoenas to many different individuals and companies. That is why he was sanctioned.

I could go on. But what is the point? If you, dear reader, are still a supporter of Clark Baker perhaps you could get a groupon for a psychiatrist. Baker would need it. After all, he did just file for bankruptcy. Or perhaps Dr. Seth Kalichman would be willing to treat you.

BTW, Baker’s bankruptcy is also a lie. (I am now calling it his FAKEruptcy). As I pointed out recently, his wife is worth $220,000,000.00. But the original link has disappeared since Mr. Baker filed his fakerupcty. It looks like Baker is trying to hide his assets from the bankruptcy court. Luckily the Wayback Machine still has it.

And Baker lives in a mansion worth $1.6 Million.

And Baker also started a new business, Viral Forensics. I also reported on that recently. Strangely that website has also disappeared for now. Another deceptive (and futile) attempt by Mr. Baker to hide his assets and income.

And one week after filing fakeruptcy Baker not only took a very expensive vacation to a spa that cost close to $2,000 per night at Amangiri. He also had the stupidity audacity to flaunt it on facebook:

Clark Baker

July 2 at 12:36pm ·

Nice time for a road trip…— at Amangiri.
Clark Baker's photo.

The lies, deception, manipulation, duplicity and law breaking all seem to continue no matter what is happening in Mr. Baker’s life. I wonder if he has a problem?

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