OMSJ is not Closing. Clark Baker is not Retiring. New Day. New Lies.

Over a month ago, on June 19, I reported that Clark Baker was threatening to close OMSJ and retire. This information came from two sources. One was a personal email from Mr. Baker to a source that I will not name. Now Mr. Baker has made this public. Three weeks later, on July 12, Baker posted this somewhat strange item on the How Positive Are You? facebook page:

Clark Baker They destroyed OMSJ as well… Now that I know the US Gov’t KNOWS, there’s no point for me to fight any longer. This IS a war and they WILL crush you… not me – I’m retired from this fight. July 12 at 10:47am

Who knows what Baker is referring to when he writes “they destroyed OMSJ as well” and “now that the US Gov’t KNOWS” …but he sure sounds paranoid. It really does not matter. I believe it is all a ruse; a scam; a grift. Baker is flat out lying. He may be trying a last ditch effort to get donations to his pathetic money beg (which has failed to get even one more dollar) or he may just be trying to throw off the scent of mine and Dr. Murtagh’s attorneys in support of his fakeruptcy. Whatever his reasons for this new lie, one thing is definite: Baker has recruited others in the top tiers of the AIDS Denial ranks to stoke the fires.

First is it worth noting that Baker’s pronouncement had a direct impact on the sycophant AIDS Denialists:

But the most interesting responses have come from those who are really in the know: Celia Farber, Elizabeth Ely, Michael Terry and David Crowe.

Elizabeth Ely and Michael Terry both promised to “report” on the closing. First it was Ely who promised to provide details the day after Baker’s big pronouncement:

Elizabeth Ely

July 13 at 12:57pm Yes, I already know about the closing of OMSJ. . . . I will be posting a report on that soon (probably tomorrow), from where I sit here in Michigan, enjoying the good life. Chill, relax, pour yourself a cold something-or-other, hug someone you love and remember to be respectful on this page. Our work continues. Thanks and much love! xoBeth

Her promise to report information for her readers has gone unfulfilled two weeks later.

Then Micheal Terry made an equally hollow promise directly to Ms. Farber who opined on two different occasions at two different facebook pages. First at HPAY?:

Celia Ingrid Farber Does anybody have info?

Of course that query seems a bit disingenuous. Just one day before Ms. Farber seemed to have the answer:

Then five days later, Ms. Farber moves her query to the ReThinking AIDS facebook page:

Celia Ingrid Farber

July 19 at 9:39pm What is the status of OMSJ? Can anybody tell the story in a forthright manner? Just report it?

This is when Terry Michael takes the bait and makes his (so far) unfulfilled promise:

I believe that both Elizabeth Ely and Terry Michael spoke out of turn and that is why neither has fulfilled their promise to report on the closing of OMSJ. I would bet all the money I have made as a Big Pharma shill that Clark Baker contacted them both and told them to cool their jets and shut the hell up about providing details. He only wanted to create a fake publicity stunt. He has no intention of following through with such a ridiculous statement about closing OMSJ or retiring. That statement was only meant to supply credence to his fakeruptcy and garner some sympathy that might translate to donations. (It has not.)

I can supply proof to support my hypothesis. One is based on logic and the other is based on facts. Let’s first go with logic. It’s a lot more fun.

Logic: Celia Farber

Ms. Farber is a terrible actress. Her constant inquiries to find information about the closing of OMSJ on two different facebook pages is ridiculous in the extreme. Why would Ms. Farber be feigning ignorance and begging for information from others? She is supposedly an Investigative Journalist. She not only has years of experience she also has her own website, The Truth Barrier, and she is good friends with the horses’ mouth himself: Clark Baker. Ms. Farber could just call up Baker and interview him and provide a riveting expose herself. And yet she begged and pleaded for information on two different facebook pages. Give me a break!

Not only is Ms. Farber friends with Clark Baker, she is also friends with David Rasnick whom Elizabeth Ely flatly stated knows the most about the situation. Ely even responded as such to Ms. Farber 3 days before her hollow request for information on the RA facebook page:

In short, Farber could report on this herself and could get the most publicity for the atrocity of the faked forced closing of OMSJ. Farber has the connections from her days as a one-time legitimate reporter and the cache of being associated with SPIN magazine. She also has the ear of Gary Null and Robert Scott Bell who between them literally have tens of millions of listeners. But she is offending the intelligence of the RA and HPAY? community by feigning ignorance and begging for information from wannabes like Elizabeth Ely and hacks like Michael Terry.

Hell, maybe I am wrong. If you look at Farber’s facebook page she is constantly whining and moaning about the pathetic state of Investigative Journalism in America but doing nothing about it herself. Farber is just a pathetic example of a recalcitrant has-been and Baker is gleefully and unapologetically taking advantage of Farber’s weak emotional state.

Facts: David Crowe & Viral Forenscis

Interestingly the most honest and illuminating information came from David Crowe in the following exchange:

Mr. Crowe writes two very important and surprisingly honest details:

  1. “The work will continue under a different name.” Yes, I already knew that. The name is Viral Forensics. And the website is back up just as I predicted.
  2. “Well, where it’s coming from is a bit mysterious.” No, it’s not. I already explained that as well.

Clark Baker has no intentions of retiring and he will simply shift his scam from OMSJ to Viral Forensics. And I am so glad the site is back up so I can write a detailed report on that shell game soon. If you have any doubt that Viral Forensics is OMSJ reincarnated, then check out the website. OMSJ is all over the Viral Forensics website. The Viral Forensics logo can be found on the OMSJ website. And the mailing address for each entity is the same:

PO BOX 1507

Viral Forensics Contact:

Mailing Address:
Viral Forensics LLC
PO Box 1507
Studio City, CA 91614-0507

To sum this all up: Clark Baker is lying about OMSJ closing. Clark Baker is lying about retiring. Celia Farber, Elizabeth Ely, Terry Michael, David Rasnick and David Crowe are all in on the lie. I have to wonder how those who follow ReThinking AIDS and those who support the dissident “theory” feel about being lied to and manipulated about this for the past couple of weeks by their leaders? How can they trust these people again?

OMSJ: An Impotent Organization

I am not even sure why Clark Baker is making such a big deal about this in the first place. After all, OMSJ has never done anything meaningful or substantial. On the “Legal Notices” section of the OMSJ website you will find this statement:

The Office of Medical & Scientific Justice is a 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation, engaged in the mission of protecting and defending the integrity of the medical and scientific community by providing CONFIDENTIAL investigative resources to the victims and witnesses of medical and scientific corruption.

This statement is important for two reasons:

  • First of all, a 501(c)(3) is a non-profit designation. And Mr. Baker has been profiting on the few services he actually provides. He charged several thousand dollars for his work with the HIV Innocence Group. He also charged $1,500.00 for his Operation Letterhead. His 501(c)(3) non-profit designation will soon be taken from him and Baker will be responsible for thousands of dollars in fines.
  • Secondly, Mr. Baker falsely claims that his services are CONFIDENTIAL (emphasis Baker). Just one look at the only service that Baker truly provided, HIV Innocence Group, and it is obvious that nothing Baker does is CONFIDENTIAL.

One look at the “Services” section of the OMSJ website and you will see that Baker only offers three services:

1. The HIV Innocence Group.

That organization is dead and has been for almost two years. And as I detailed with this summary, most of Baker’s claimed successes were either outright exaggerations or blatant lies.

2. Operation Letterhead.

Here is the description on the OMSJ site:

Operation Letterhead is a fee-based service that helps patients secure second opinions about their infectious disease diagnosis. 

In actuality it is a series of letters to the client’s physician challenging their diagnosis that will make the client/patient come across as delusional. Here is a more complete description of the “service” also found on the OMSJ site:

For a flat service fee of $1500, OMSJ will prepare customized correspondence for patients whose questions about their own testing, diagnosis and treatment remain unanswered.  OMSJ’s consultants will review your case and prepare a series of carefully written letters for our clients.

And then when you click on the Terms and Conditions section at the OMSJ site for Operation Letterhead, you will find this amazingly contradictory statement:

This Consulting Agreement (the “Agreement”) is entered into TODAY  between the APPLICANT (you) and Office of Medical and Scientific Justice, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, having its principal offices at Irvine, California.

Right there Baker tells his perspective “client” that his organization is a Non-Profit but he is still going to charge them $1,500.00 for this service. WTF? I can’t make this shit up!

3. Medical, Scientific or Academic Retaliation

This one is a non-starter. I have no info on this, but I highly doubt that anyone in such a predicament would hire a man who has devoted the last decade of his life to the harassment of just such a person: Dr. James Murtagh. That’s right. Dr. Murtagh came to Baker’s attention as a whistle blower at Emory University. The hypocrisy of this one is absolutely mind boggling.

And Clark Baker knows he is full of shit and that OMSJ is just a vanity project whose only real objective is to service his overblown ego. Baker admitted as much one year ago on the OMSJ facebook page:

OMSJ has upgraded our website to serve more as an aggregate (like Drudge Report), delivering hourly updates on stories related to medical and scientific corruption. For timely reports about medical and scientific corruption, visit our website.

OMSJ offers no real services and Baker admitted as much with the above “change” in his website. Baker also threw in the towel one year ago when he changed his site to a revenue generating clickbait site. Clark Baker is nothing but a pathetic liar with no real skill set and should not be pitied. He should be punished for perpetrating such an obscene fraud on the general public and having the audacity to profit from other peoples’ misery.


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