Clark Baker Is Getting a Harsh Karmic Lesson. But Will He Ever Learn?

We have all heard the old sayings:

  • What goes around, comes around.
  • You reap what you sow.
  • Karma is a bitch.

No matter how it is stated, all these sayings amount to the same lesson: A person will eventually face the consequences of their own actions. 

This is now happening to Clark Baker in spades thanks to his fakeruptcy filing.

Remember 6 years ago, in 2009, when Clark Baker tried to bully and intimidate me by calling my elderly mother on the telephone? Mr. Baker told my mother some some crazy, bullshit story that he was going to sue me and would take away her house because she was partially responsible for my actions since I lived with her at the time.

When Clark Baker threatened my elderly mother his story was complete bullshit. But now that exact scenario could very well lead to Baker’s wife, Carol Dunn, being evicted from her home.

Now that Clark Baker has filed for bankruptcy, he has literally opened a Pandora’s Box that will have far reaching and severely detrimental consequences not only for Clark Baker, but also for many people who have ever associated with him. Dr. Murtagh has an amazing legal team that has refused to acquiesce to Baker’s legal circus. They are preparing to launch a legal shit-storm that will encompass many different players. I have no doubt that the reality with-whom these players have climbed into bed with will smack them upside the head and many people will have no option but to save themselves.

One of the first steps in a bankruptcy proceeding is a 341 Hearing. That hearing has many components. One of the major components allows all of Baker’s creditors to begin a fact finding mission. That meeting took place on August 5th. Dr. Murtagh’s attorneys chose not to attend the meeting, but they did not release their rights. They have prepared a plethora of questions that Baker must answer and supply documents to prove his answers. Dr. Murtagh’s legal team is also preparing a multi-pronged document that will include OMSJ, Viral Forensics and anyone who has ever been associated with Clark Baker. This legal team is doubling down on their already aggressive strategy to make Mr. Baker legally face up to his illegal behavior over the past decade.

Clark Baker thought he was being clever by filing bankruptcy to halt all proceedings and buy him some time. But what Baker actually did was provide a legal avenue that could very well lead to indictments, divorce and could land Clark Baker and some of his cohorts in adjoining jail cells.

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