Elizabeth Ely: “Hey, you got your crazy chocolate in my crazy peanut butter.”

There are 3 characteristics common to AIDS Denialists that have continually fascinated, frustrated and frightened me about them:

  1. Irrational Intellectual Arrogance
  2. Complete lack of Self Awareness
  3. Extreme Hypocrisy

This post is going to focus on the last two and was brought about by a ridiculous comment by Elizabeth Ely on the facebook page for her How Positive Are You? podcast. It seems that Ms. Ely has decided there is one conspiracy theory that is too crazy, even for her. This particular idea is so crazy that Ms. Ely does not want it to ever be mentioned in the same breath as her pet AIDS Denial theory because it might tarnish the brand.

Q: What could possibly be so “out there” that even Ms. Ely does not believe it?

A: That the earth is flat.

Here is her comment:

Has anyone else noticed this? There’s suddenly a big pile of YouTubes out there extolling “flat earth.” All I can think is, the PR geniuses out there are going to “pump and dump” this idea, “pumping” it until enough AIDS rethinkers and other truth tellers jump on, then “dumping” it. They’ll “prove” that way that we’re all a bunch of nuts. I can think of no other reason why all this so suddenly appeared and spread so quickly, with certain people in this community targeted for the message. And looky here . . . clips from “How Positive Are You,” beginning with Celia Ingrid Farber, then crazy stuff about the flat earth.

Ms. Ely goes on to chastise a reader who believes the Flat Earth Theory and demands this reader not discuss his crazy belief while also discussing AIDS because it might “confuse our message on AIDS, providing an opportunity to discredit the whole thing…”

Ms. Ely goes on to provide further advice while using herself as an example:

“And seriously, I have some pretty wild views on some things too. I base those views on some good information and reasoning. I am never bringing that to the AIDS discussion. Then people might feel they must reject the AIDS information if they are not willing to also look into those other things.”

I would have to agree with Ms. Ely that she does indeed “have some pretty wild views on some things too.”  Ely does not believe in the existence of HIV, HepC or any virus, actually. She also said in a recent interview with World Beyond Belief, “the idea that cancer spreads in the body is complete baloney.”  Ely also believes that climate change is a hoax, vaccines cause autism, that GMOs are bad and who knows what else. Ms. Ely needs to realize and accept that most people who believe in one crazy conspiracy theory ascribe to many others as well. She can’t pick and chose what nuts she lies down with and it’s hypocritical for her to arbitrarily chastise her fellow nuts for discussing their other crazy beliefs in conjunction with her equally crazy HIV belief.

It should also be noted that in Ely’s first statement above  where she claims that the Flat Earth Theory is being propagated by “PR geniuses…to prove that we are all a bunch of nuts.”  This statement is also a baseless conspiracy theory as well as proof that Ely is paranoid. The truth is, the Flat Earth Theory is being propagated and supported by the very people with whom Ms. Ely just gave a 2 hour interview; The World Beyond Belief. This is from their website and was published on July 18, 2015:

The focus of this WBB surrounds elements of the NWO that would be greatly hampered if the Flat Earth theory was proven and subsequently accepted as true by a certain amount of the population. Beginning with a quick review of some of the major deceptions of the 20th century, it is noted that many of these tricks are still actively deceiving much of the population up to the current time. The Ball Earth theory comes equipped with an epistemology that involves not trusting one’s 5 senses and seeing only authority (science) as the absolute last word on everything. This authority is eventually transferred to the mainstream media, Hollywood and the most sophisticated mass deception mechanism in the world known as NASA. Since the control matrix is Satanic in basis and structure WBB explores how this fits with the Flat Earth model – to find out that IT DOESN’T.

In conclusion, Ms. Ely is once again demonstrating her lack of self awareness as to her own level of crazy beliefs as well as her hypocrisy for denouncing others for their beliefs and telling them in what capacity they can discuss those beliefs.

Lastly, here is a partial list of the craziness that the people at World Beyond Belief espouse: (You may have to google many of these as they are waaaaayyyy out there.)

1. Voting in the US is fake. People vote but their votes are not truly counted. Politicians are really “representatives of the satanic cabal”.
2. State Sponsored Trauma Based Mind Control
3.  The New Age agenda was created and orchestrated by Luciferians from the Theosophical Society and later picked up by the dark psychologists at the Tavistock Institute.
4. Climate Change is a hoax.
5. Recent Paris attack was a “false flag”.
6. Planet Nibiru: Is this the planet of the Anunaki or simply a destroyer from the heavens?
7. Project Blue Beam that outlines how all of the world religions will be united under an Alien Messiah. This Alien Messiah is a false god and actually a false alien.
8. Agenda 2030
9. Agenda 21
10. World Beyond Belief welcomes the artist and creator Seven to discuss her latest endeavors and the more recent incidences of her personal torture and persecutions at the hands of the Satanist Cabal that controls the world. During this episode, she reviews how her intellectual property, worth undisputed billions of dollars, was stolen and resold around the world to provide riches for the very rich and finance false flags and general repression of the masses through mind control.
11. Moon landing was fake.
12. Part of the Luciferian control matrix is Artificial Intelligence
13. The earth is flat
14. Underground tunnels connecting Wal-marts with Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBS) used by the military and aliens (from outer space, not illegal from Mexico).
15. Saturnian Matrix.

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