ReThinking AIDS is a Cult, just like Scientology

The past several years have brought many documentaries about Sceintology as well as books by previous Scientologists. They all tell the same tale about Scientology and show it to be a cult. One thing that is very disturbing is “The Church’s” penchant for trying to destroy the lives of former Scientologists who turn away from “The Church” and tell the truth. They call these former members “SP’s” or “Suppresive Persons”.

This is the same tactic that ReThinking AIDS has taken over the years and is still happening today. And it happens in several ways.

The first way is very subversive and spits on the graves of their dead. Many times when current AIDS Denialists die, those still alive begin to make very public assumptions about the illicit drug use of their own dead. They will go to any length to make it appear as if their death was from anything except HIV; even disparaging their own. You can peruse this list of Dead Denialists at for yourself and do your own research. I would suggest starting with: Mark Griffiths, Huw Christie Williams, David Pasquerilli and Jody Wells.

The most recent example I could find of RA and other living Denialists accusing dead dissidents of recreational drugs causing their death is that of Emery Taylor. If you look at some of the comments on this blog post, especially by Elizabeth Ely, you will see examples of such heinous victim blaming.

Another tactic of RA and the living denialists is to blame ARV’s on the death of current denialists. I was contacted by the longtime boyfriend of Rex Poindexter, John Boucher, back when I wrote a previous blog, Dissidents4Dumbees. Rex was featured prominently in the AIDS Denial propaganda cult film, The Other Side of AIDS. John told me how angry he and Rex were at Maggiore and others because they all turned their backs on him because he turned to ARV’s while on his death bed in the hospital. John told me specifically that Maggiore herself told Rex to not take ARV’s while he was dying in the hospital. You can read a beautiful tribute to Rex by John here.

RA and other living denialists also blamed ARV’s for the death of Karri Stokely, despite the fact that Ms. Stokely died over four years after stopping ARV’s. Although the living denialists used Ms. Stokely as a martyr, her husband and children have not upheld the martyrdom for their deceased spouse and mother. That speaks volumes to me. Just as the husband and only living child of Christine Maggiore, Robin and Charlie Scovill, have chosen to not carry the torch of martyrdom of Christine.

A third example of how RA likes to destroy the lives of those who have had the audacity to leave RA is happening currently. David Crowe, President (and horcrux) of ReThinking AIDS is using the facebook page of RA to attack the character of John Strangis. What is most distressing about this attack is that Crowe is doing it on a closed facebook page; Mr. Strangis has no way of directly defending himself.

It is equally distressing to me that Crowe is being extremely hypocritical in his character assassination of Mr. Strangis.  David Crowe starts the discussion with a childish taunt about a blog post Mr. Strangis made on his personal site about volunteers for a new HIV medication. Crowe whines:

Come help John Strangis make a difference…to BMS’s bottom line. You too can be a guinea pig…No experience needed, just misplaced trust and naivety.

On February 4th, Crowe says:

David CroweIt’s important to comment on this.

Then, one day later on February 5th, after Mr. Strangis replied to Crowe via video on Strangis’ own site (since Crowe will not allow Strangis to defend himself directly on RA facebook page) Crowe cowardly backtracks thusly:

David CroweDavid CroweI think it’s worth posting, but not worth responding to…
So what could have changed Horcrux Crowe’s mind from the importance of commenting…to it not being worth responding to?  From the comments it seems that Crowe did not foresee that many at RA would actually click over to Strangis’ site and view the video for themselves. Nor did Horcrux Crowe anticipate that some of his readers might actually form their own opinion of the scenario in direct conflict of his own narrow view.
While this is somewhat optimistic to me that the current crop of dissidents do not swallow hook, line and sinker what their “leaders” feed them, we still have a long way to go to stop the Cult of AIDS Denial.

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