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Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is

Below are 7 unsubstantiated claims in Mr. Baker’s most recent blog post, most of which are Mr. Baker’s standard regurgitations.  I am offering a $1,000.00 Award to anyone who can provide proof to validate these and similar claims. I will even pay the money to Mr. Baker himself if he will provide the proof I have been asking him for the past two years.

1.      This week, prosecutors dismissed charges against Joseph D. Thomas, who was accused of unlawfully exposing a former girlfriend to HIV.  When OMSJ produced evidence that the defendant’s doctors were incompetent, (emphasis mine) his case became OMSJ’s 39th victory in less than three years
2.      Since 2009, OMSJ’s HIV Innocence Group has saved dozens of misdiagnosed HIV patients like Thomas from prison sentences that can extend to decades. 
3.      OMSJ’s now-routine impeachment of “HIV experts”…(emphasis mine)
4.      Because few general practitioners understand the alchemy of HIV and AIDS, they typically refer patients to “HIV experts” like those routinely discredited by OMSJ in criminal and civil court(emphasis mine)
5.      As OMSJ’s attorneys now routinely expose dangerously incompetent clinicians during criminal trials…(emphasis mine)
6.      Unless challenged by OMSJ’s legal, medical, scientific and investigative team, defendants have little hope to avoid a wrongful conviction.
7.      Just as OMSJ’s team now routinely exposes “HIV experts” as incompetent…(emphasis mine)
I would also like to point out that NONE of the 39 cases Mr. Baker lists at his OMSJ site are Civil Cases as he claims in #4 above.  Also, Mr. Baker has only been (supposedly) involved in 2 criminal cases that have gone to trial. In one of those, the Andre Davis Trial, Attorney Baron Coleman, (who actually claims association with Mr. Baker), lost miserably.  And he did not discredit the HIV Expert in that trial. So for Mr. Baker to claim that OMSJ routinely discredits HIV Experts in criminal court is a demonstrable lie by itself.  However, if anyone can provide direct evidence validating Mr. Baker’s other claims, I have cold, hard cash available.
I will also sell my house, both my cars and one kidney and give a $100,000.00 Award to anyone, including Mr. Baker himself, for proof that Humanitarians around the world became interested in HIV Criminalization Cases as a direct result of Mr. Baker’s direct efforts and supposed successes via OMSJ as Mr. Baker recently claimed.