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Clark Baker’s Second Fund Raiser Request is more Truth Challenged than the First

This is the second fund raising request set up for Clark Baker and OMSJ in the past few days. For each fund raiser there is a synopsis that describes why the funds are needed. In the first donation request I detailed six examples from the synopsis that where completely untrue proving that Baker is grossly misleading those individuals who might donate. While the numbers of untrue statements in the synopsis for the second fund raiser have decreased, the audacity of the misinformation has increased exponentially.

Clark Baker is claiming that the entire pharmaceutical industry is out to destroy him and OMSJ via a legal “proxy war” headed up by Dr. Robert Gallo:

…the pharmaceutical industry now wages a legal proxy war that could destroy OMSJ.

…disgraced HIV discoverer Robert Gallo MD uses activists like Jeffery Todd DeShong and James Murtagh MD to wage a legal war against Baker and OMSJ in hopes of destroying the organization and Baker’s reputation.

Robert Gallo’s proxy war has cost OMSJ more than $200,000 to defend itself from false claims, including two meritless lawsuits filed by Dr. Murtagh.

Just let that sink in for a moment. Clark Baker thinks he is so important that an entire industry is threatened by him and must resort to clandestine legal measures to stop him. Such delusions of grandeur and wild conspiracy theory rationale should give pause to anyone considering donating to this cause. However, if one does believe this could be true, let me explain why it is 100% false.


The most definitive way I can prove this is false is personal experience. I am Jeffrey Todd DeShong, the activist supposedly helping to wage a legal war against Mr. Baker. Although I was involved in a legal lawsuit with Clark Baker, it was Baker who waged the lawsuit. I was the defendant. The only part Dr. Gallo played in the suit was in Mr. Baker’s fantasy. As I have reported before, Mr. Baker told me during a phone call that he was going to sue me so that he could depose Dr. Gallo. After that phone call I found evidence where Mr. Baker expounded on this fantasy in a radio interview on The Robert Scott Bell Show dated July 14, 2011. Mr. Baker said the following:

1:22:56 CB: Actually Robert Gallo received a subpoena on one of our cases as well as last year. As did Sam Broder who is behind the AZT debacle and both of them basically forwarded their subpoenas to the NIH. The NIH stonewalls such subpoenas they don’t listen to State subpoenas. They simply ignore them. And it cost so much time and energy we basically learned in our future subpoenas to them they will be Federal Subpoenas. And Federal Courts don’t let the NIH ignore such things.

Mr. Baker filed a lawsuit against me in Federal Court after having already lost to me in arbitration. Mr. Baker lost all three points of the arbitration and was found guilty of Reverse Domain Hijacking, the arbitration equivalent of “bad faith”. Baker should have known after that ruling that suing me in Federal Court was a loser case and yet he did it solely as a vehicle to depose Dr. Gallo. Baker lost in Federal Court and then appealed and lost again. That was easily a $150,000 gamble that did not pay off.

If my goal was the economic destruction of Baker and OMSJ, my attorneys would have pressed for discovery and depositions instead of dismissal. The amount of billable hours for Baker’s attorneys during discovery and depositions could easily have quadrupled the above figure. Instead my pro-bono attorneys took the least expensive strategy of getting the case dismissed. From these indisputable facts it is obvious that Mr. Baker is being fundamentally dishonest. Baker is trying to manipulate others into paying for his ego-driven bad debt.


The only other person Mr. Baker specifically names as part of this sinister, nefarious cabal out to destroy him via the legal system is Dr. James Murtagh. The synopsis states:

Robert Gallo’s proxy war has cost OMSJ more than $200,000 to defend itself from false claims, including two meritless lawsuits filed by Dr. Murtagh. Trial is set for October 2015, and OMSJ needs at least another $200,000 to defend itself.

This is also blatantly false. Dr. Murtagh is suing Mr. Baker to stop Baker’s systematic, 7 year harassment of his employment. Baker has set up several defamatory websites about Dr. Murtagh with the intent of employment harassment. The statement below is found on the home page of (formerly and formerly and also on

WELCOME to the unofficial page of James J. Murtagh, MD.  Its purpose is not to defame the former Emory University professor, but to provide hospitals and “locum tenens” staffing agencies easy access to publicly-available court documents about Dr. Murtagh’s ongoing conduct and behavior.  Visitors are encouraged to verify the authenticity of all documents with the appropriate judicial jurisdictions before making any hiring decisions based upon these court records.

That statement is painfully obvious why the websites exist and prove that Dr. Murtagh’s lawsuits are not “without merit”. They were to stop the on-going employment harassment. They have nothing to do with pharma, HIV/AIDS or Dr. Gallo. So far the courts have agreed with Dr. Murtagh and I have detailed three major losses Clark Baker suffered as a result of Dr. Murtagh’s legitimate suits.

Again, for Mr. Baker to make such fundamentally false claims shows just how desperate he is to manipulate people to donate and help get him out of a legal mess of his own making.


Mr. Baker can not get his stories straight. The first funding site to benefit Sgt. David Gutierrez contradicts the information presented at Baker’s second funding site for OMSJ Defense. At the first site we see:

corrupt doctors working for so-called HIV co-discoverer Robert Gallo MD have filed a lawsuit and expensive motions in an effort to bankrupt OMSJ and prevent them from effectively defending Gutierrez.

Here Baker uses the plural “corrupt doctors” that are all working for Dr. Gallo in a coordinated effort to brind him down. But as you can see from the second funding site and what I have detailed here, it is just myself and Dr. Murtagh. That’s it. And when a person can’t keep their story straight and has to resort to exaggerations, misinformation and complete dishonesty to maniplate people out of their money, some tough questions need to be asked.

The truth is, Clark Baker’s reckless ego got him into a financial quagmire and he is asking others to bail him out to the tune of $200,000. The most egregious part of this request is that Mr. Baker does not have the personal integrity or respect for others to be honest about why he needs the money.


OMSJ Money Beg for Sgt. David Gutierrez; Distorted Facts and Outright Untruths

Oh how I wish I could use the “L” word to describe Clark Baker. But that would be legally actionable so I can only make the major understatement that he is less than truthful. Take for example Baker’s money beg in the name of OMSJ to allegedly help Sgt. David Gutierrez. The title alone has two false statements:

US Air Force veteran has been imprisoned in Fort Leavenworth since 2011 on false charges of exposing others to HIV. He’s not infected.

1. There were no “false charges of exposing others to HIV”. Gutierrez does have HIV and this fact was never disputed in court in the original trial. And on appeal, the defense supported this fact by discussing Gutierrez’s viral load. Also, Gutierrez had sexual, unprotected intercourse with women at swinger’s parties thereby exposing them to HIV. The defense even presented witnesses and witness affidavits supporting this fact.

2. “He’s not infected.” Gutierrez is infected with HIV. Again, this was never disputed in court and Baker proudly boasts that he thinks HIV tests are worthless, meaningless and fraudulent. This is even the cornerstone of his defense strategy.

The next two untruths are also about Gutierrez’s HIV infection:

3. Despite the fact that he was never competently diagnosed with HIV…

4. OMSJ found no evidence that he was infected with any infectious disease and found no evidence that he ever was.

Again, Mr. Baker has no credibility when it comes to HIV infection. He is an out and proud HIV Denialist. Mr. Baker has made it quite clear that in all the HIV cases he has (supposedly) worked on, he has never found one, single person to be “competently diagnosed with HIV”. Baker has also claimed that in each and every case, “OMSJ found no evidence of HIV infection”. These statements are not at all surprising coming from a man who claims that HIV tests are “worthless, fraudulent and meaningless”. Every time Mr. Baker makes some grand pronouncement that a defendant has “never been competently diagnosed with HIV” and/or “OMSJ found no evidence of HIV infection” only makes Baker look like the ridiculous hypocrite he is. If Baker doesn’t believe in the HIV testing methodology, then just what would it take to satisfy Mr. Baker regarding proof of infection?

This next statement is completely false:

5. Last February, the US Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces ruled in his favor 5-0, based upon the findings of OMSJ’s defense team.

This untruth is easily verifiable because there is an audio link to the court proceedings in the appeal. I have discussed the court audio previously and supplied a link to the audio. In this audio we clearly hear defense attorney, Kevin McDermott laying out his client’s defense using solid, current, orthodox science about HIV tests, the success of HAART in suppressing viral load and transmission rates. And you can read the judgement for yourself. The appeal ruling turns on transmission rates given by HIV expert Donna Sweet as well as supporting information from the Centers for Disease Control. It had absolutely nothing to do with “findings of OMSJ’s defense team.” That is complete non-sense.

NOTE: You can read all about the case at this military blog.

The last statement is a whopper of untruth:

6. At the same time, corrupt doctors working for so-called HIV co-discoverer Robert Gallo MD have filed a lawsuit and expensive motions in an effort to bankrupt OMSJ and prevent them from effectively defending Gutierrez.

This is completely false. Mr. Baker is involved in two lawsuits. The one he filed against me is over. Baker lost his last appeal. The only on-going part of our suit is an appeal my attorneys initiated to recover fees. They plan to show that Baker’s suit against me was completely frivolous and wholly without merit.

The other lawsuit involving Mr. Baker is one with Dr. James Murtagh. Baker is the defendant in this suit and it has nothing to do with HIV. It was brought solely by Dr. Murtagh in response to Mr. Baker’s alleged on-going harassment of Dr. Murtagh and his employment. Baker has called Dr. Murtagh a “corrupt doc” in the past so I am sure he is referring to the suit with Dr. Murtagh here. Although it is hard to be certain because Baker accused me of being a puppet of Dr. Gallo, the entire AIDS Truth team as well as all of Big Pharma in his lawsuit against me. Of course Mr. Baker provided zero proof of this grand conspiracy theory and two courts ignored it as such. And to think that anyone would file a lawsuit for the sole purpose of stopping the defense of Sgt. Gutierrez, or anyone else for that matter, is simply more of Baker’s conspiracy theory non-sense.

To anyone who is seriously considering donating to this “cause”, I would suggest you take all of this into serious consideration. Why would Mr. Baker resort to such hyperbolic grandstanding and outright misinformation? And if you do donate, I would strongly suggest you demand some transparency about what exactly Mr. Baker does with the money. Mr. Baker has never been transparent in the past. After all, his guidestar report for 2012 & 2013 shows contributions totalling $888,546 but nowhere has Mr. Baker ever divulged where one cent of that money has gone. Besides, I thought OMSJ was a non-profit and Mr. Baker was doing this work pro-bono.

If Mr. Baker truly wants to take responsibility for Sgt. Gutierrez’s appeal, I would assume he would see this through to the very end and would have taken into account the money necessary to do so. Or perhaps this is like the Bobby Russell Case where Mr. Baker claimed he had spent $100 Grand on the case but bailed when a paltry $12,000 was needed to go forward. It seems Mr. Baker has a history of bailing on people after they have outlived their usefulness.

Or perhaps it is more sinister than that. Elizabeth Ely had a some serious advice for one person considering asking Clark Baker for help:

Elizabeth Ely
Elizabeth Ely

At the very least, talk to the most experienced people in this. I’d start with a phone call to Clark Baker.
And don’t piss him off by getting advice and not following it.
Elizabeth Ely
Elizabeth Ely

It doesn’t matter anyway; Clark Baker and OMSJ only work with clients who follow his instructions to the letter.

No matter what one thinks about Clark Baker and the supposed success of OMSJ or his now abandoned HIV Innocence Group, I would ask some serious questions before donating to Baker in any way. Of course they might as well be rhetorical questions because Mr. Baker answers to no one.

Clark Baker to Set Up Electron Microscopy Lab; Yeah, Right!

Clark Baker is a scientist for all seasons and reasons. Not only is he an expert in Flow Cytometry, he is also an expert with phylogenetic analysis of HIV as well as an expert on ebola, or at least he will be once he gets adequate air, water and soil samples. He also has some unique knowledge about vaccines. And he is already an expert on Electron Microscopy. Now Mr. Baker is opening an entire laboratory dedicated to Electron Microscopy. The following is directly from Baker’s personal facebook page dated March 20, 2015:

Clark Baker Keep up the good work, Dean. OMSJ’s mission transcends politics and boundaries, but that doesn’t mean I must surrender my personal beliefs or ignore my experiences. I’m currently setting up a new lab to examine blood samples for people around the world. For a standard fee, we’ll resume our examination of blood samples using electron microscopy. That’s much more important right now than politics…

21 hrs · Like · 2

I’m not sure if the lab will be diagnostic, research or both. My bet would be both. I mean hell; a wunderkind like Mr. Baker should not limit himself.

Who the hell does Baker think he is fooling? There is no way he has the resources for such an undertaking. Unless of course he is going to forgo proper accreditation and that did not work out too well for his fellow Re-Thinking buddy, Marco Ruggiero. He and his partner got busted with a scam lab in the UK trying to produce GcMAF. Mr. Baker will quickly discover that it is much easier to criticize laboratories than it is to adhere to the incredibly strict guidelines, policies and protocols of a reputable lab. And once Mr. Baker realizes that his lab will be subjected to periodic and sometimes even random inspections, he might think again.

I also doubt this will ever get off the ground because of the myriad regulatory agencies that have already been alerted to Mr. Baker’s previous “undertakings”. I still cannot elaborate on this development but Mr. Baker may soon be too busy explaining his actions for the past several years and may not have the time for any other projects. Or he may find that he has nothing but time on his hands.