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Discussing Clark Baker’s Business Model: Extortion Websites

Six years ago I originally set up this website to critique an organization called The HIV Innocence Group and prove that it was nothing more than a tool for Clark Baker to further the AIDS Denialist agenda via the U.S. Court System. I accomplished this goal and then some. Not only did I beat Clark Baker‘s phony attempts to silence my First Amendment Rights via the legal system through arbitration as well as in Federal Court, my attorneys also won $50K in legal fees (which Baker has never paid). My case also set a precedent in the Fifth Circuit Court.

I also exposed Clark Baker’s financier, Billionaire Robert Leppo, who I proved supported Baker to the tune of at least 1.5 Million Dollars in 5 short years.

Another unintentional but very happy result of this website is that I destroyed Baker’s HIV Innocence Group as well as his Office of Medical and Scientific Justice and saved countless lives in shutting down these dangerous organizations.

As I researched Clark Baker and his outright false claims about his supposed success with the HIV Innocence Group, I uncovered a myriad of nefarious dealings and found a man with dubious character and completely lacking in integrity and devoid of humanity.

I have relentlessly documented Mr. Baker’s very unhealthy and possibly psychotic focus on bringing down his enemies. Most notably I have documented Baker’s decade long attempt to ruin the life and career of Dr. James Murtagh. This is just one example of the many posts I have written that supports this claim.

In my research to document Baker’s demented attempts to ruin Dr. Murtagh’s life, I found a history of other people’s lives Baker also tried to ruin. And I discovered a pattern to his psychoses: Mr. Baker made countless highly derogatory websites about many people, including but not limited to: Lokesh Vuyyuru, Blake Moore, Ralph Bard, Kevin Kuritzky and James Murtagh. Some of these websites seemed to serve no purpose except as a vehicle that drove Baker’s psychotic joy. However, as time wore on, and as his websites became more sophisticated, Baker saw a chance to monetize these derogatory sites as this email clearly shows:

From: Clark Baker
Subject: RE: Court records request
Date: May 10, 2013 at 2:08 PM
To: David Pardo
Thanks – Mo’s website is a good model for what I’d like to offer to future clients. The prettier and more effective we make Mo’s website, the more others will want what we have. Nothing prevents me from sub-contracting the work to websites hosted in Amsterdam, Aruba, Kenya and the Ukraine if we’re concerned about lawsuits or retaliation.

This new business model that Baker discusses in the email above with Mr. Pardo has worked on two occassions that I know about:

1. Baker successfully used such a website to force Kevin Kuritzky into signing a false affidavit. I previously discussed this here.

In my last post two months ago, I also reported how this false affidavit may have amounted to Witness Tampering and may wind up sending Mr. Baker to jail. I also posted the Criminal Referral by Chief Bankruptcy Judge Sheri Bluebond to the California United States Attorney.

2. Baker is now involved in another lawsuit in which he used a similar website to force another witness into possible false testimony. This lengthy Motion for Sanctions expertly details Baker’s actions in this instance. Motion for Sanctions NTG

I believe all these instances prove that Mr. Baker found a model that worked and he successfully implemented and monetized this model. In the last instance Mr. Baker may have made over $25,000.00!

It is also interesting to note that Mr. Baker knew what he was doing was wrong when he had John McNair in Australia use his name in setting up the website instead of Baker’s name. Baker admits that he is actually the owner of this site. Baker also admits what he was doing was wrong by setting up the domain to the site in Amesterdam, one of the countries he mentioned in the above email with Mr. Pardo.

All of these examples show a man with no regard for destroying the lives of his supposed enemies or even the lives of strangers, either for sport or for money.