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Clark Baker May Be Going To Jail

It has been 10 months since I posted anything to this blog. There has been no need since I destroyed Clark Baker in a Texas Federal Court effectively killing his HIV Innocence Group as well as his Office of Medical and Scientific Justice. I also exposed Clark Baker’s financial ties to billionare Robert Leppo proving that Leppo funded Baker’s borderline criminal behavior to the tune of $1.5 Million Dollars over a 4 year period.

Now I can come out of semi-retirement to let the world know that Clark Baker committed Witness Tampering, a felony, in the case of Murtagh V. Baker, which I have written about previously.

Here is the Criminal Referral by Chief Bankruptcy Judge Sheri Bluebond to the California United States Attorney.

This witness tampering is based on an affidavit that I also wrote about previously.  In that post I detailed my belief that Clark Baker forced Kevin Kuritzky into signing a false affidavit by manipulation and promises of quid pro quo.  This affidavit falsely claimed that Dr. Murtagh forced Kuritzky into some very bad behavior to harass Mr. Baker.  Now, almost three years later, I am proven right as Mr. Kuritzky came forward and admitted how Mr. Baker lied, manipulated and coerced him into making a false affidavit. You can see from the Criminal Referral that I linked above, most of the deductions I made from the evidence I had in 2014 were absolutely true.

I also find this new development quite satisfying because it was not too long ago that Mr. Baker falsely accused Captain Mark Rosenow of Witness Tampering in the David Guitterez Case which also negatively impacted the Nushawn Williams Case.  I have only provided two examples from Baker’s old OMSJ site. But Baker repeatedly made these false allegations against Captain Rosenow in social media as well as in several declarations in Baker’s case against me.  As they say, Karma is a bitch!

Here is Clark Baker’s attempt to legally plead the 5th Amendment against self incrimination regrading Judge Bluebond’s Criminal Referral to the California Attorney General. Pleading the 5th is not something that people who are innocent usually do.  It was also a waste of time because the current legal action is a civil case. This is a rookie mistake and shows the desperation Baker and his legal team must be feeling at the moment.

Rulings that Judge Bluebond also leveraged against Mr. Baker include a $35,000.00 sanction.

This case has been dragging on because Mr. Baker thought he was smart by filing bankruptcy fakeruptcy eventhough his wife is worth $220 Million as I have reported before, and Baker has a personal financier in billionaire Robert Leppo.  And this little fakeruptcy may have paid off. But Mr. Baker is such an egomaniac and a horrible human being that he had to go the extra step and possibly commit Witness Tampering which will hopefully put him where he belongs; in jail.