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Clark Baker Arrested for Child Pornography

This should rock the AIDS Denialists’ World! Their one time Golden Boy appears to have a thing for little boys…or girls. The article doesn’t specify but I’m sure all the sordid details will come out soon! This could not have happened to a nicer guy!! LOL!!!

Former LAPD officer accused of possessing child pornography

A former Los Angeles police officer has been accused of possessing child pornography, court records show.

Clark Warren Baker, 61, was arrested this month and charged with one count of possession of child pornography, roughly six months after police searched a residence associated with him in the Hollywood Hills, officials said.

Los Angeles police officers arrested Baker on April 10, according to online jail records. He posted $20,000 bond and was released the same day, records show.

Attempts to contact Baker were not successful Wednesday, and it was not clear if he had an attorney.

An LAPD spokesman previously told The Times that detectives had searched Baker’s home on Greenvalley Road and “taken possession of some computer equipment” in November 2018.

Baker was employed by the Los Angeles Police Department from 1980 to 2000, according to a department spokeswoman. She declined to comment further about the investigation into Baker or his work history, and a spokesman for the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office could not provide additional information on the charge.

Baker is set to make his first appearance in a downtown Los Angeles courtroom May 1.

The former officer was convicted of battery in 1992 after he was accused of slapping, kicking and dragging a 21-year-old Salvadoran immigrant while assigned to the Valley’s traffic division. An internal LAPD panel had previously cleared him of wrongdoing.

Baker’s conviction was later overturned by an appeals panel, which ruled a prosecutor improperly made reference to the Rodney King trial and turned Baker’s case into a referendum on police reform at the time.