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Brian Carter to Chris Janik: The Extremes of AIDS Denial

There is not much difference between Brian Carter and Chris Janik. Carter is American and Janik is German. Carter has been an avid AIDS denier since at least 2009: Janik since 2015. Their real differences showed most prominently when they became sick. They both went into the hospital and took antiretroviral medication or ARV’s. Carter, despite experiencing a Lazarus Effect thanks to ARV’s, doubled down on his denial whereas Janik was shocked back to reality and immediately eschewed denial. Part of Janik’s decision may have been influenced by the recent deaths of prominent AIDS denialists Yvonne Bonde and Greg Baysans. Bonde went on ARV’s when she got sick, but it was too late; she could not recover from a cd4 count of 20. Baysans was on ARV’s from 2005 to 2011. 

Here is what Janik had to say:


Aciclovir Infusions every 8 hours. And pain killer.
Please understand that it is my own decision to stay here, take this medicine and go this way.
The affected area is too big for me to chill and stay calm.

You will ask me and yourself which stress led to this disease. The last two years since stopping the ARV were too much for me.

Here and now I wish I never would read “Virus Mania” from Claus Koehnlein, never would visit Juliane Sacher, never watched movies like “I won’t go quietly” from Anne Sono, never joined Rethinking AIDS.

My life was wonderful, free of stress and enjoyable while believing in HIV and taking ARVs.

Yes, I had many side effects with that “medicine” but could manage them much more than the whole stress with “There is HIV. – There is no HIV.”

The truth: I am on my own at long last. Koehnlein is 8 hours away from me, Sacher is too expensive for me, HIV docs tell me to go on ARV and that I will die.

And every change on in my body is considered with fear and anxiety. Now 1,5 years after stopping the ARV I am at the worst case in my life: I have a suppressed immune system which led to the shingles and brought me straightaway to a hospital.

And you can pray again and again: “There is no HIV.”

It does not help.

Because of all things it was this sentence and the daily examining and reviewing of this words which ended up with this disease.

I know I am not the only one here who feels and thinks so.

Going this way is to show not the happy face only. Now I am going through a horrible time in my life. And this is also a part to be shown here.

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Visit from the chief resident.

He immediately told me that the shingles (zoster) came from a suppressed immune system which is not from stress in my case but from HIV.

He likewise told me that the for a long time untreated virus hides itself in deeper tissues of the body and form a latent infection which weaks the body.

He said: “I can’t understand why you are treating your zoster but not the HIV. This is not rational for me.”

(I only told him before, that I stopped because of side effects not because of my believes to this issue).

This is the hell I was always afraid of…

Everything was fine as long as I was okay/healthy.

Now I am here and can make this experience how it feels to have an HIV + diagnosis and be surrounded by people who tell me I will die when I will not start as soon as possible.

And to hear this and live with what was said does not make the shingles AND my immune system better!

So encouraging at this labile and unstable time for me. I am mentally weak and don’t have the power to show face.

That´s how it goes now!!!! And everyone here has the possibility to be involved.

Hopefully Janik will keep this rational mindset when he gets well and remember that it was modern medicine that healed him. Brian Carter however, is the type of AIDS Denialist that is most troubling and hypocritical. 
The next part of this post is not to start a fight with Brian nor to shame him. I am genuinely fascinated that someone could come so close to dying and instead of being grateful, become more bitter and angry. Brian has since doubled down on his angry rhetoric against the science of HIV.  However, the thing that really troubles me is that Brian was not forthcoming about what specifically made him so ill.  Brian only refers to “some brain injuries that led to a number or (sic) conditions” that “made me so sick”.  Brian was “so sick” for nine months, lost 50 pounds (off an already thin frame), and was even in a nursing home all from “brain injuries”, whatever that means. 
I find this lack of transparency troubling seeing that Brian wrote this post at ReThinking AIDS facebook page as an explanation as to his absence and a plea for advice. Brian wanted to know how to fool his doctors into believing he was taking his ARV’s so that he could get  his driver license back. 
Here is what Brian had to say:


Brian Carter

Hello members! The most of you might be wondering what the hell happened to me during the last 9 months. The first pic is when I was in the hospital and weighed only 101 lbs. the second pic is myself currently at 150 lbs. So I’m doing fine now, no more hospital and nursing homes. What made me so sick was that it seemed I had some brain injuries that led to a number or conditions I could not rectify by means of a naturopath doc. The problem I’m facing now is it’s difficult to pull myself away from the clutches of the HIV / AIDS meme. The doctors want to make me believe in them. They may have helped in some fashion that helped me pull through a ruff time. It’s not only the infectious disease specialists, but I have to deal with the neuroscience docs that want me to to comply as well, if I’m ever to regain my driving privileges back. This all sucks but I’m going to have to deal with them still, at least till I’m able to convince them they’re full of shit. I’m doing fine otherwise, trying to regain some assemblance of my previous life. At least I’ve no need nurses or doctors on a daily basis. I have my own apartment with my other half, Christopher. Thanks for listening.

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Brian Carter

Brian Carter Thanks for replying Chris. You’re exactly right. They can tell if not in compliance. · September 11, 2016 at 6:09pm

Brian Carter

Brian Carter Greg. The problem remains the same as always. They use Viral load, etc… as beating stick. I was just reading the side effects of Genvoya (which they put me on)… What should I be more afraid of? High VL or acidosis? · September 12, 2016 at 10:53am

The person named “Greg” who Brian is conversing with is Greg Baysans who died a few months after this conversation. Also, I find it fascinating that Brian is worried about acidosis, a possible and rare side effect of Genvoya, when without it, he would quite possibly be dead: a side effect of not taking Genvoya.

Brian Carter

Brian Carter You’re right about food. When my appetite came back I was able to recover. · September 12, 2016 at 10:55am

Brian Carter

Brian Carter Gang, don’t get me wrong for it was the infectious disease specialist that put me on what I believe was Truvada in the hospital. Now I have to take Genvoya, which is a new fangled combo one a day combo. · September 13, 2016 at 7:45pm

Here Brian admits he was on Truvada, an ARV in the hospital and a different ARV, Genvoya upon release.

Brian Carter

Brian Carter Yes Greg. After years of saying and trying to stay away from the trap, there’s not much to do now other than pretend they’re right. It just sucks that it’s too much for them to find out what really happened instead of “Oh–middle aged gay man…boom–got to be HIV because we don’t know how to treat the real diseases. · September 25, 2016 at 10:58pm 

Brian Carter

Brian Carter How does one stay out of the trap? Refuse to take an HIV test. Remember that’s a hard thing to do because you showed up at your hospital, a gay man with a myriad of symptoms with blood drawn almost every waking second. · September 25, 2016 at 10:56pm 

Brian Carter

Brian Carter There’s so much stuff I could be doing– what I’m looking into is, Sevenpoint2 which is an greatly alkalizing protocol. My good friend Bonnie concurred leukemia with the help of this. When I used to measure my alkalinity in was always below ideal around a 9 or 8 when 6 was the target. No amount of diet, greens, wheatgrass, etc was ever able to raise it. · September 25, 2016 at 2:49am

After almost dying and being saved by Truvada, per Brian’s own admission, Brian is still trying to find nonsense alternative treatments. In the comment above, Brian shows his general ignorance of the human body. Blood is alkaline, stomach is acidic (to break down food for digestion) and urine fluctuates because that is one way the human body regulates pH. 

I recently criticized by an orthodox pundit (a complete moron) that how dare I make fun at that once a year hoopla World AIDS Day. Saying that since I got sick and started taking once a day anti-HIV therapy that I should be a shamed of myself and report that the drugs saved my life. I said, fuck off and that it wasn’t the drugs–it was I and I alone that pulled myself out of a life threatening illness. This video explains it.

In the comment above Brian is referring to me and claims that ARV’s did not improve his health. No, Brian claims he did it all by himself with the power of his own mind. And posted a short video on placebo effect to prove it.

I will stop here although there are many more examples of Brian’s angry comments about the “silliness” of HIV meds and the “madness” of HIV testing and the “looney tunes” of PrEP. Brian even recently stated: “I don’t believe in HIV whatsoever”. But the most important and glaring omission that is most telling in my opinion, is that Brian has never once mentioned the horrible, agonizing, debilitating side effects he has had from either Truvada or Genvoya. I asked him via a private message on facebook if he has had any side effects. Brian’s response was to block me, which he had not done until that single question. I guess that says it all.

My last

HIV Innocence Group: Happy 3 Year Deathiversary!

It has been a while since I have written a new post for this blog. But I realized that November is the anniversary month of the death of the HIV Innocence Group. It has now been three years since I humiliated Clark Baker by using this website to prove he was lying about his “wins” in court.

Baker is still around and is currently in litigation in another case where he is losing mightily and may well go to prison. I will write more about that when I can, but for now, here is the original post I wrote to celebrate the first deathiversary of the bogus and embarrassing HIV Innocence Group.