Clark Baker Caught In Another Lie

The recent article by Zoe Corbyn regarding Duesberg’s overworked   re-worked paper that was published in a small time Italian peer reviewed publication had quite the busy comment section.   At least it did until the moderators at Nature saw the libel, slander and defamation posted there mostly by Clark Baker and made the smart decision to shut down the comments.  This of course has Mr. Baker crying foul.  Fortunately for us, Mr. Baker is such an ego-maniacal gas bag that he saved some of his comments and posted them for us at his OMSJ site.  Although at second glance, I guess even Mr. Baker saw the potential lawsuits he had made for himself and left off the many comments where he directly called people meth addicts, meth trannies and other worse, pointless and unsubstantiated lies.

However, because Mr. Baker’s ego is so overblown, he left at least one very big lie AND he provided a link to prove that it was a lie:

From: []

Sent: Monday, January 09, 2012 1:33 AM


Subject: [Nature News] Your post has been hidden

Dear Clark Baker,

The following post you wrote on the Nature News website has been hidden by the moderator in accordance with our terms and conditions.

I’m usually too busy preparing cases and questioning HIV experts like Joan Duwve MD MPH to waste time with blogs like this. (snip)
However, when you click the link you will find a court document that is indeed a deposition of this HIV expert.  Unfortunately, it clearly states that the questions were not only prepared by Attorney Barron Coleman, but were also asked by Attorney Barron Coleman.   In other words, Mr. Baker is clearly lying.  He had absolutely nothing to do with the document to which he linked.
Why in the world would Mr. Baker try to take credit for this document and then link to said document, proving he is lying and seal his fate?  This is just one more example of Mr. Baker’s complete lack of credibility and possibly his tenuous grasp on reality.

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