Clark Baker Is A Limited Public Figure: Part 2 of a Series

This is the second post in a series detailing examples of extreme duplicity in documents, affidavits and declarations provided to the court by Clark Baker in our Federal lawsuit. The first post in the series is here.

Post #2

On page 15 of the Original Complaint Baker filed against me in Federal court, he opened the door to being considered a Limited Public Figure (LPF). I am not sure why he introduced the possibility of being a LPF especially after seeing how detrimental it was for Celia Farber in her suit against Richard Jefferys. (That suit was especially humiliating for Baker when the judge singled out his affidavit for ridicule.) We were already planning to argue that Baker is a LPF and we provided solid proof to support this designation. However, it is Baker’s response that completely destroys his credibility in an embarrassing way.

We provided the court with several examples that support Baker being a Limited Public Figure:

• National news articles about his organization and cases
• Press Releases generated by Mr. Baker for self- promotion and publicity
• Print interviews with Mr. Baker
• Television interviews with Mr. Baker
• Nationally Syndicated Radio interviews

Probably the most important were the nationally syndicated radio interviews with Gary Null, Robert Scott Bell and Rima Truth. (Not only did we supply them to show Baker to be a LPF, we also quoted from them to prove that Mr. Baker is using my case as a pretense to depose Dr. Gallo.)

Baker desperately tried to downplay his publicity via the radio shows in such a way that should be truly damaging to his credibility with the court. In paragraph 51 of his affidavit Baker writes:

“…the Robert Scott Bell Show of 14 July 2011 received less than 400 hits on YouTube,
while the Dr. Rima Truth Reports Show and the Gary Null Show received a total of
53 and 64 hits, respectively – worldwide.”

To say the above statement is misleading would be a gross misrepresentation. If those shows were only posted to some random fan’s YouTube channel then it would be accurate. But YouTube is not the original source. All those shows are first broadcast nationally. Gary Null specifically has been on the radio for 35 years and is the most prolific of the three broadcasters. This article from 2005 puts Null’s internet audience at 2.5 Million:

Null’s internet listenership went from zero listeners in January to an astonishing 2.5 million in March (reported by Kino Communications). Null’s VoiceAmerica health program airs every day from Noon to 1 pm at and is growing at a rate of 100,000 listeners per week. That is the fastest growing radio audience in the world.

This from the same article describes Mr. Null’s popularity pre-internet:

Null had the largest audience in all non-commercial radio for nearly 27 years at WBAI (99.5 FM) and had the #1 Health show on WABC. Those same listeners are now tuning into him on VoiceAmerica.

As I stated above, the youtube video Mr. Baker states received a total of 64 hits was from a random fans channel. Mr. Null has his own extensive youtube channel. Mr. Baker’s statement that “the Gary Null Show received 64 hits worldwide” is humiliating in its duplicity. It should also be noted that Mr. Baker tacitly admits that he has a “worldwide” audience, even though he probably does not realize he made such an egregious admission to the court.

Robert Scott Bell is also widely syndicated via NaturalNews Radio and Genesis Communications Network. Bell’s show is on the internet and AM/FM stations. It is 2 hours Monday through Friday as well as Sunday. So again, Mr. Baker seems to be intentionally misleading the court with such a transparently duplicitous argument that he should be humiliated and embarrassed.

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