A Special Post for Elizabeth Ely

Elizabeth Ely has once again made false statements about me. This time she has used her podcasts with David Crowe, episode 92, How Positive Are You? At about the 3 minute mark Ely refers to a comment that I left on episode 71 about the Bobby Russell Case. Even though I only left a link to this blog where I discussed the Russell Case, Ely still characterized that comment as:

  • “a really nasty comment”
  • “snarky”
  • “it was an attack”
  • “trashing someone’s lawsuit”

How she got all of that out of a simple link is mystifying, but understanding Ms. Ely’s logic or rationale has never been my strong suit. Once I went back to episode 71 I saw that Ms. Ely had expounded on her false allegations in a big way by leaving a comment of her own. In that comment she accuses me of being “mean-spirited” and “taunting” and “attempting to discourage patients” and “mocking his (Russell’s) quest for justice”.

I am not sure if Ms. Ely just has a reading comprehension problem or if she is intentionally being misleading, but my post on the Bobby Russell Case is not about the merits of the case. I even say so in the post. The clear object of the post is to point out that Clark Baker and OMSJ were not helping in this case despite the fact that the case perfectly fulfills the Mission Statement of OMSJ. I will not re-hash that post here.

I am only writing this post to clear up the false statements Ms. Ely seems to enjoy perpetuating about me. I also would like to say to Ms. Ely that she and Mr. Crowe should have me on their podcast. I would be more than willing to discuss any subject with you and we could clear up any misunderstanding you have. I highly doubt Ms. Ely will take me up on this offer for two reasons:

  1. I do not believe she has the courage to lay this all out on the table and take responsibility for her false allegations.
  2. I also do not believe she can have a professional and rational discussion with me.

The ball is in your court, Ms. Ely.

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