Clark Baker & OMSJ Documentary “Circular Logic” Has Been Put in the Circular File

Back on January 28, 2014 Clark Baker confirmed on his facebook page that a film crew was at his house filming interviews with several people for a documentary about OMSJ.

A production crew has invaded my home to interview my dear friend and associate Baron Coleman, for an upcoming documentary.

In the comment section of the same post Baker again confirmed the documentary was about OMSJ:

Clark Baker Marva – it’s about my company, clients, and operations. 

Ten days earlier on January 19, 2014 Clark Baker posted from Atlanta, GA. while he was there for the trial of Craig Lamar Davis. (NOTE: Of course Baker and his “team” lost that case and Mr. Davis got sent to prison for several decades. Currently that case is being appealed with the help of The Center for HIV Law and Policy. The appeal is based on ineffective counsel since the defense strategy was Baker’s anti-science strategy. That strategy has been proven to be a loser 5 out of 5 times.)

I found out that the name of the documentary was to be called Circular Logic and was being filmed by a company called Fortynine Productions. In August of 2014 I contacted the director, Ms. Laia Coll Enrique, to find out about the documentary and let her know that a true documentary should include critics and that I was probably Mr. Baker’s most ardent critic. I shared some information that I had about Mr. Baker, his dubious organization and our history and the lawsuit he had filed to shut me up. Ms. Coll Enrique finally responded to my second email. She said she would be happy to start a dialogue with me and answer my questions just as soon as she had some time. She ended her lovely, very professional email by asking me where I got her contact information. I responded to her email by telling her I looked forward to speaking to her but did not divulge how I found her information. That was the last time I heard from Ms. Coll Enrique despite me following up two more times. I believe she may have contacted Mr. Baker who advised her to end contact with me unless I would give her my resources.

But I guess it does not matter now. It has been 18 months since filming began and there has not been a peep about the fate of Circular Logic. Maybe it died because the verdict in the Craig Lamar Davis trial was so devastating or because Baker ran out of money. My fantasy is that after I alerted Ms. Coll Enrique to the facts and truth about Clark Baker and OMSJ she did her own research and realized the documentary she thought she was making was really just AIDS Denialist propaganda.

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