Clark Baker to Set Up Electron Microscopy Lab; Yeah, Right!

Clark Baker is a scientist for all seasons and reasons. Not only is he an expert in Flow Cytometry, he is also an expert with phylogenetic analysis of HIV as well as an expert on ebola, or at least he will be once he gets adequate air, water and soil samples. He also has some unique knowledge about vaccines. And he is already an expert on Electron Microscopy. Now Mr. Baker is opening an entire laboratory dedicated to Electron Microscopy. The following is directly from Baker’s personal facebook page dated March 20, 2015:

Clark Baker Keep up the good work, Dean. OMSJ’s mission transcends politics and boundaries, but that doesn’t mean I must surrender my personal beliefs or ignore my experiences. I’m currently setting up a new lab to examine blood samples for people around the world. For a standard fee, we’ll resume our examination of blood samples using electron microscopy. That’s much more important right now than politics…

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I’m not sure if the lab will be diagnostic, research or both. My bet would be both. I mean hell; a wunderkind like Mr. Baker should not limit himself.

Who the hell does Baker think he is fooling? There is no way he has the resources for such an undertaking. Unless of course he is going to forgo proper accreditation and that did not work out too well for his fellow Re-Thinking buddy, Marco Ruggiero. He and his partner got busted with a scam lab in the UK trying to produce GcMAF. Mr. Baker will quickly discover that it is much easier to criticize laboratories than it is to adhere to the incredibly strict guidelines, policies and protocols of a reputable lab. And once Mr. Baker realizes that his lab will be subjected to periodic and sometimes even random inspections, he might think again.

I also doubt this will ever get off the ground because of the myriad regulatory agencies that have already been alerted to Mr. Baker’s previous “undertakings”. I still cannot elaborate on this development but Mr. Baker may soon be too busy explaining his actions for the past several years and may not have the time for any other projects. Or he may find that he has nothing but time on his hands.

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